Saturday, May 14, 2011

Sick me :-(

I have not been scrapping or blogging or anything this week. I woke up Tuesday morning about 3am with a sore throat. I am a girl who never gets sick.. ever. I have had the majors wrong with me in my life.. but the small stuff....?? NO not me.
I was to start work at 10am but then my husband rung me and said the guy I work with is off sick today so can you do a whole day... he got in before me as I was just about to ring in sick. Sadly I got through the day and walked in the door back home at 6pm, showered and got straight back into bed. Had the worse night.
Wednesday I had a throat that was stinging and burning like chilly. I could not swallow, hardly drink, my head was aching and I had a fever. I went to the Doctor and he said I had chronic Tonsillitis which I have never had in my life. He gave me a Penicillin needle in the you know where and sent me home on antibiotics. That night my fever got up to 40. I was in so much pain. Thursday I felt twice as bad as I did Wednesday. I knew I was terribly sick as I also had a head which was going to explode as well as my raw infected tonsils. I had a streaking pain like a lightening bolt shoot through the left side of my head every 2 minutes until I got to the Doctor again. They lay me in the room and called an ambulance as my fever was through the roof and I had no room to get worse. I was taken to Caloundra hospital where I was admitted. I have been on morphine and penicillin. I am home now but is taking a while to recover. I was terribly scared that I may have a brain hemorrhage as I have had one before and the pain was just like the last. Sadly the last Doctor sent me home and said if I get any worse take myself up to A & E ( Accident and Emergency) at my local hospital. Well I drove myself up there in the state I was and was diagnosed with a Brain Hemorrhage. Hence this time I was so aware of what may be going on. Lucky for me this time it was all clear.
I am home resting now and I have not really been off my bed all week. Today I took Corey and I up to Eumundi Markets where I got a full back, head and shoulders massage. Just to loosen me up a bit after the trauma my body has been through.
I hate being sick.. I am so full of energy and have way to much to do to be sitting around and not doing anything.. Different if you can but when you are actually sick and in bed, and feel sick just by sitting up it feels a waste of time.
I am planning to have breaky down on the beach with my boys in the morning so I hope I am up to it. Cannot pass up this lovely cool weather.
I hope you are all well and happy and taking care of yourselves over these few winter months.
Love to all
Moons x

PS and by the way Corey lent me his Bob the Builder beanie I bought him when he was 2 to keep my ears warm as I was in so much pain with just the air on them.. Bless his wee heart.. so you can now imagine me in bed with my pink and white polka dot nighty on and my head covered with his navy blue red and white woolen beanie with a pom pom on the top x
Just thought I'd share that x


  1. that's pretty full on, lisa. we can all write our little 'get well' messages but you still are the one who has to go through it all. must've been pretty bad if you got a shot in the ASS! you poor bugger. thinking of you hey XXX

  2. hahahahahaha loving ya right back Lee-Anne.. and yip in the ..... was nasty girl x

  3. You poor poor chicken. You and my Mum area great team at the moment, she is really sick as well, she has Shingles. She is also getting the explosion type feeling in her head as well. Not good. I bet you were scared of a repeat brain haemorrage. Rest up and take it easy lovely. Thinking of you so much lately. What a gorgeous wee boy Corey is for lending you his beanie...too cute. They really know how to pull together when their Mums are sick hey? Love and hugs babe xxxxxxxx

  4. Glad you are starting to feel better, take it easy over the next week and let your body fully recover.

  5. Hope this Sunday evening has you feeling a bit better still. Take care xxx

  6. oh honey, take it easy and let yourself recover completely. love ya xxxx