Friday, February 28, 2014

Life @ 28 Feb 2014

Today I have the day off and I am feeling overwhelmed.. lazy and just need some R&R.
I am at the beach as we type - read doing my R&R. Love this spot.. It is called Saltwater at Kings Beach Caloundra.  So bliss.

 Life gets so busy it just flies before you own eyes.. My hubby has been going away a bit lately for work, my work is full on at the moment, my 90 year old Nana in New Zealand is very unwell, Corey and I are going home to see her in 2 weeks and I am not finding that I have a heap of motivation or mojo for my Project Life.. I know it will pass but the world just goes so bloody fast.

Below is 4 generations.. My Nan is 90, Mum 69, me 44 (eekkkk) and my baby girl is 24 in April.  Grandad passed away 9 years ago.. They had been married for 65 years.  7 kids, and untold Grandchilden.. I think 60 now.. that includes Great Great Grandchildren now.  Nana then had a boyfriend lol but Bill passed away 2 years ago.  Nana is over it now and is just tired I think.  She has had a long long great life with family surrounding her 24/7.  She was still taking Grandkids to school last year and picking them up after being out at night time. She is a real goer.!!

I am looking forward to our Project Life Junkies Retreat that is going to be held at Daisy Chain Scrapbooks on 25 April.  Im super excited to be able to meet a few new girls... that I chat to online.  Lots of fun and chatting and learning about others coming up.  I love weekends like this.  

I have a challenge going on over at Project Life Junkies.. If you are not a member yet.. request to become a member.. Search for Project Life Junkies in Facebook.  We will then add you to the group.  It is a closed group and full of inspiring girls sharing their pages and bargains and ideas.
My Challenge is to create a 6x4 using the colour Yellow, some sort of confetti, a wood veneer and an instagram photo..
This is my take on the challenge below.

Anyway apart from life being full on and busy.... my life is good.  wouldn't change it for the world.. and feel so blessed to have so many wonderful people in it who surround me with love and laughter.. 
Have a great weekend everyone xx
Moons x

Monday, February 24, 2014

Update on Project Life.. Weeks 2, 3 & part of 4

I have been feeling a bit overwhelmed with all the journal cards that I have.  I do not have a massive stash as I can't cope with lots and lots of products.. but I think at this stage I have too many. Are you like this too?  I do quite often add a photo to just paper and not always a card.  I find I like to embellish the paper and add a journal card now and then.  Not that that stops me from buying.. But like I said I am not a guts ache.. I just keep an eye out on the nicest journal cards or paper that I could  use with the cards.

This page protector above has a 6x8 insert in it so it was a great opportunity of adding in a few photos of the day my cousin and niece and best friend and her kids come to see me. 

I have added in one 4 x 12 insert also as we were on holiday and I have a few more photos I wanted to document.  They can be dead easy these ones.. I dont tend to embellish these.. just add in my photos.

Here I am holding the Close to my Heart Flip Flap insert.  This one is a 6x6. 

So that is it for me for this week.. I am up to the right hand side of Week 4.  
I might get behind and not feel like scrapping some nights and get more behind.. but when I look over my album I feel great that I have documented such awesome fun memories of our lives.
Off to check out some blogs.
Moonie x

Hello 2014

Well hello 2014!! Here we are to start another 365 days all over again.. Im glad Christmas is all over that things have settled down.  Corey is happy being back in school .. He has an amazing year 6 teacher.  He is over the moon.. Also having his BFF in his class has made him smile..
I have had 4 weeks off work due to one weeks holiday in our caravan and then surgery.  Im pretty well recovered now.. scary moments but all good thank goodness... Have to keep going for regular checks now. But thats life.  Could have been much more unlucky.
So after being in hospital I was oozing with motivation to get my 2014 Album started.
I went kinda simple for the title page.  My favorite colours of course.

I love this app called COLLECT.. it does these individual framed pictures.. I love them.  I have printed out one in a 2x3 size too.  Super cute.
The Document life card I have printed out myself.  Found it on free printables.  Amy Tan clouds overlay 12x12 paper up in the top left.  so cute.

I simply cannot get enough of these Findingnana Wood veneers.. They are just Dead cute!!!
Another little quote I found on Google.. Love it..So appropriate.

I bought the digi pack of these Weekly calendars from The Lily Pad.  Perfect!! They stand out in a crowd and make a perfect statement.  Cheap as chips.

My son Corey obsessed with Cricket.. He loves it and is an amazing Team Player.. He is the best batsman!! Has a good old whack like his Mumma in squash lol

And 1500km away from her Mummy my daughter who I miss dearly is learning Aeiral Silks.  She has just bought her own silks and is having lots of fun experimenting in the parks near by home..  Just beautiful x

And look who we had for 10 days.. Kens daughters new bubby girl Aliyah... She is 4 months old and is a little blessing.. only cries when she is hungry or tired.  Such a sweet little human.  We got to have lots of cuddles and I got to bottle feed her to sleep.  First time in my life I have bottle fed a baby.

I think I got one photo of her smiling.. she is a serious little thing.. made us laugh 

I am up to week 4 today so I can't wait to get home today and have some scrappy time to myself.. Day off is perfect when it is raining. I will get out the camera and take some shots of my week 2 and 3.
Have a great Monday and Week... umm... what are we up to?? OMG Week 9 already.. Well that leaves me at 5 weeks already behind.. oh well... I will just keep plodding along.
Love and hugs
Moonie x