Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Scrapbooking Memories Mag!!!!!!!

I have received so many emails and FB messages congratulating me on my publication this week... I only got to get the magazine today and to my wonderful surprise my layout has been published on a whole big fat massive humongous , super duper enormous page!!! LOLOLOLOL
It was a pretty special proud moment for me to open up the mag and to see this. The nicer thing was to see my husband and my son ever so proud of me.!!
Love to you all ....
Keep up that addiction..... SCRAPPING!!

Got sooo many beautiful scraps like me…

Well here is a great idea as to what to do with them. I have made these gorgeous wee cards. I have now made about 50 of them. I have got them in sets of 6 using the same collection per set. They are simple and easy to make..Not sure if they are quick as I still set there and pull my hair out as to what to do !! LOL what a joke.

With this set of 6 I have used some of my left over scraps from the gorgeous Websters Pages Ladies and Gents collection. I have used a couple of Martha Stewart punches, the bird and the butterflies and the scallop circles I have used my Cuttlebug and nestabilities. Just a bit of thread, ink up the edges, add a few super cute charms from my2angels shop of course and off you go.

So what are you waiting for. Send a 6 pack off to your favorite person as a wee gift. They are so adorable and as we know we all appreciate MADE WITH LOVE items instead of purchased from the stupid markets.

That’s it for me right now. I hope you are all keeping rugged up and warm.. Such cuddly weather right now. Thanks for popping in x

Moonie xx

Monday, May 23, 2011

I was lucky enough to do a 4 hour class at Daisy Chain Scrapbooks a few Saturdays ago. I have always loved the Collections Elements range, but to actually meet Julie the designer and creator of Collections Elements was so mind blowing. Julie is so full of life, creation and such a massive zest for life. I just had to take a step back and watch her work and teach. She is a person I truly admire and respect for who and what she does. This is the little Artist Tray that we did in the class. I have added a bit of my own embellies... but everyone who did one of these was different in one way or another. I have not posted this yet as it only hit the Tasman shores in New Zealand at my Mums house. I sent it to her so she could have a blubber of happiness. Doesn't take much to please my Mum.. she is the best. So go over to Julies website and have a look at all the goodness she has available. I have my own art bin half full of her collection... I am planning to fill it. The little cotton reel we made. The middle of it is a piece of paper we rolled up like a cigarette and glued together until it was solidly stuck together. Then we glued on the round edges. so simply yet so gorgeous when finished. The ideas people have are just amazing. Thanks for stopping in Moonie x

Sunday, May 22, 2011

Using my scraps

I don't know about you but I have a 12 x 12 art bin filled with gorgeous paper scraps which I will never just bin... so being a bit over pumping out the 12 x 12 layouts lately... I decided to take a break and put some wee cards together. I am making 6 per set and using the same paper collection. I have just looved creating these. I have only put up 4 for tonight as the others I photographed were not so good so will reshoot them tomorrow in the sunlight. So here is just a quick squizzy at what I have been up to. They are a lovely gift to give to someone who appreciates your work.... and obviously nice to just give to someone who you care about. Like we all know we love hand made cards and gifts so much more..
I hope you have all had a lovely weekend. I spent the night last night at Daisys. The May retreat was on all weekend but I could only fit in last night as we had other things on with family. On the count down now for Brisbane for the Scrapbook & Papercraft expo. Wooohooo!! Look out Brisbane!
See you there or be square x
Moonie x

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Teresa Collins

I have a great stash of Teresa Collins paper which I just love. I am so busy doing other DT work it was really refreshing for me to dig in deep to my older (and favorite stash) and just do what I wanted to do. I have used mostly Teresa Collins papers, a bit of October Afternoon, Girl Paperie stamp set, Crate Paper Emmas Shoppe Collection letters and the gorgeous crocheted flower and resin flower from one of my favorite Etsy Stores . I am really excited about the Brisbane Paper Craft show in June.. saving saving and cant wait to get away for some girly time. First day back at work today after being so sick.. Took it's toll on me and I only did 4 hours. Time is the healer I guess. I only have to work tomorrow and then that is it until Tuesday next week. Yippppeeeee xx rest rest and more rest x Have a great week and thanks so much for popping in x Moonie x

Sunday, May 15, 2011

A2Z April Sketch Winner

That would have to be me!

A tie for Judge's Choice

Candice Tyrill

Candice Tyrill


Lisa Webb

Lisa Webb

Thank you girls for your kind votes. I was happy to show DH this one. And I cannot wait to get my wee parcel from Julie at A2Z scraplets. I love her products.

Moonie xx

Love it!!

Saturday, May 14, 2011

Cosmo Cricket Meets Gelaskins

Check these out!! Cosmo Cricket Meets Gelaskins are simply gorgeous. I think they are and the Cosmo Cricket patterns have been one of my favorite papers anyway... hehhee what paper isn't ever my favorite. But what a great idea. So go on over here and check them out.

Always something new and exciting on the horizon isn't there.... grrrrrrrrrrrrrrr :-)

Sick me :-(

I have not been scrapping or blogging or anything this week. I woke up Tuesday morning about 3am with a sore throat. I am a girl who never gets sick.. ever. I have had the majors wrong with me in my life.. but the small stuff....?? NO not me.
I was to start work at 10am but then my husband rung me and said the guy I work with is off sick today so can you do a whole day... he got in before me as I was just about to ring in sick. Sadly I got through the day and walked in the door back home at 6pm, showered and got straight back into bed. Had the worse night.
Wednesday I had a throat that was stinging and burning like chilly. I could not swallow, hardly drink, my head was aching and I had a fever. I went to the Doctor and he said I had chronic Tonsillitis which I have never had in my life. He gave me a Penicillin needle in the you know where and sent me home on antibiotics. That night my fever got up to 40. I was in so much pain. Thursday I felt twice as bad as I did Wednesday. I knew I was terribly sick as I also had a head which was going to explode as well as my raw infected tonsils. I had a streaking pain like a lightening bolt shoot through the left side of my head every 2 minutes until I got to the Doctor again. They lay me in the room and called an ambulance as my fever was through the roof and I had no room to get worse. I was taken to Caloundra hospital where I was admitted. I have been on morphine and penicillin. I am home now but is taking a while to recover. I was terribly scared that I may have a brain hemorrhage as I have had one before and the pain was just like the last. Sadly the last Doctor sent me home and said if I get any worse take myself up to A & E ( Accident and Emergency) at my local hospital. Well I drove myself up there in the state I was and was diagnosed with a Brain Hemorrhage. Hence this time I was so aware of what may be going on. Lucky for me this time it was all clear.
I am home resting now and I have not really been off my bed all week. Today I took Corey and I up to Eumundi Markets where I got a full back, head and shoulders massage. Just to loosen me up a bit after the trauma my body has been through.
I hate being sick.. I am so full of energy and have way to much to do to be sitting around and not doing anything.. Different if you can but when you are actually sick and in bed, and feel sick just by sitting up it feels a waste of time.
I am planning to have breaky down on the beach with my boys in the morning so I hope I am up to it. Cannot pass up this lovely cool weather.
I hope you are all well and happy and taking care of yourselves over these few winter months.
Love to all
Moons x

PS and by the way Corey lent me his Bob the Builder beanie I bought him when he was 2 to keep my ears warm as I was in so much pain with just the air on them.. Bless his wee heart.. so you can now imagine me in bed with my pink and white polka dot nighty on and my head covered with his navy blue red and white woolen beanie with a pom pom on the top x
Just thought I'd share that x

My Dad

This is a very dear layout to me. This is of my Dad and I who I lost 5 years ago. I have only ever been able to put one layout together of Dad.. too hard for me to do. I have had this favourite photo out of us on other paper and trying to work on it for 5 months now.. I have changed it around, changed the paper, cried, stopped, started… and this time I have put it together using the simply stunning Websters Pages Ladies and Gents collection. I love this collection and it seems to just flow for me. I still too forever putting it together but that was all the emotions going on too. Seems silly but that is our inner self I guess.
I have used the lovely Ladies and Gents Die Cut. I love these. They look so pretty. I have inked up the edges to give it more definition. I have cut out the cute as mirror off the Ladies and Gents Framed Beauty paper and a couple of the beautiful stickers they put out with each and every collection they design. I love the sweet words on these sticker pages. So many to use.

The background paper I have used is the Ladies and Gents Time of my life. This is super cute and I have have used a Martha Stewart punch for the edge using the blue side of this gorgeous paper. I love clusters in the corner using my2angels stash. I have sprayed up one of Tracys Gardenias using Tattered Angels Glimmer mist. I have used Coffee Shop Brown... covered a tag using some of the scrap paper and a Tim Holtz Love tag. And of course one of my favourite charms.. the crown. Love this! I have inked up the Scrapware Chipboard Antique Lowercase Alphas Mini.

I have inked these up too to give them the distressed aged look.. Seriously girls.. this range is so beautiful I have lots of scraps that I am going to make some delicious cards from so watch this space as I will be posting them soon.
Take care and have a fantastic weekend.
Moonie x

Friday, May 6, 2011

Crate Paper CHA Release

I simply cannot wait to get my hands on this range. Crate Paper is one of my forever favorite ranges of paper and embellies. I took about 10 photos of Corey about 2 months ago playing with his toy soldiers and machinery. I was practicing getting depth of field with my new Nikon D5000 but certainly need a lesson or 10 with it. I do enjoy using it but to it's advantage would be a help. Mmmmm STAFF..... that's who I will attack. We have 20 awesome staff who work for us who know all about cameras inside and out. But the funny thing is when you are at work you don't get the time.
So I cannot wait to put a layout together using this paper. I will post it to my blog... gotta get my hands on the paper first though.
Hope you are all having a great week. I am. Have not worked for 8 days and dont go back for another 3. Bliss.. so nice to have some time off.
Looking forward to a great night at Daisys tomorrow night. I have missed the past 2 and I have a new scrapaholic joining me tomorrow night. Cannot wait to meet her and get some serious scrapping and chatting done.
Night night xx
Moons x

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

my2angels give aways

Your free gift during May with your first paid purchase is ...
6 "squashed" bottle tops
my baby angel is 12 years old on the 18th May so ....
until the 18th May you will get 11% off your order
BUT you must enter "Sarah" at checkout
for the first 5 people to order over $100 (not including postage and AFTER the discount has been taken off) you will receive FREE ...
1 Peeled Paint Distress Ink
1 bottle of White Opal Liquid Pearls
and 1 Bottle of Holly Stickles
So go on over and see what my2angels has got in store for you. You will be surprised how many gorgeous surprises Tracy has in her store. And compare her prices... !!
I am looking forward to getting back into my little scrapping space and pump out a layout or three. I have not scrapped for over a week now and I am getting a bit fidgety. Can't have that going on. I have so much stuff there at home I can hardly wait to get my hands on it all. And of course my scrapping partner Monika... well it's our night Wednesday nights at my place. We get our creative juices flowing and love our night !!
Thanks for stopping in.
Snuggle up tight tonight. Nice and cool. Just how I like it.
Moonie x

Photography and Scrapbooking

Part of the fun of scrapbooking for me is actually taking the photos. I have always enjoyed taking photos but now taking just a photo has a whole new meaning to it for me.
I am certainly not a photographer but instead I am just totally inspired with taking so many photos of my family and occasions that I get so many I don't quite know what to do with. The beauty of digital cameras I guess. I have also found a love for editing my photos. Not too often do I leave a photo without editing it. Yes I still do but I think the joy of playing and getting creative with my photos is just part of my love for scrapbooking and photography.
I have a love hate relationship with Photoshop. When I keep at it I'm good. But I seem to lose the plot if I have not played with it after about 4 or 5 months. There are a few good editing programs out there.
Here are a couple of photos Ken took of me on this train track in Bungalow yesterday. Corey was so scared a train was going to come but apparently no train has come on this track for many many years.

So that's it for me right now..... Off to have a coffee with a gorgeous girl I met on the beach two evenings ago. They were taking photos of their wee pooch which she has had for 13 years and they run out of space on their memory card so they couldn't take any more photos. They have to make a date to put their baby down this week as she is very sick. Sad for them.. but I managed to get some awesome shots of them and timing was perfect. The sun was setting in the background.

Gorgeous couple who moved to Byron Bay 6 months ago from Sydney. Nice to know there are still beautiful strangers out in this wicked world we live in.
Love to all
Moonie x

Sunday, May 1, 2011

Byron Bay

Ken and I and Corey come down here for a yearly event. There is an ocean swim race on and we stay here for a week each time and just put on the thongs and kick back. It is the most amazing place and the most chilled out people here... I pretty sure I know why most of them are all so chilled out.. hehhee
I love to go to the beach which is right in front of us at the caravan park we stay at, we go out for dinner every night and try something new, the people are so laid back and there is no road rage here.. cars actually give way to you if you cross the middle of the road.. they actually give you the green light to cross in front of them, the coffees and cafes are amazing, I love love love the art work I see everywhere and there are so many different unique beautiful shops here which I visit each year. Just so nice to see so many different things in the shops. I so get over Westfield shopping centres..
This is Ken and I this morning watching the sun rise together. It is just so magical. Everyone heads to the beach again about 4pm with glasses and bottles of bubbles, nibbles etc and just sit on a blanket on the beach and watch the sun set. It is pretty amazing.
I hope all you Qlders are having a nice long weekend once again. June is the next one I think. I will be heading to the Paper Craft Expo in Brisbane that weekend with my gorgeous girl Monika. We are pretty excited to be child free and husband free for our three day weekend. Lots of cash saved and just looking forward to some girly time together.
Night night for now x
Moonie x

Fancy Pants Collection

Have you girls seen this Fancy Pants Baby Mine Collection?? I must say I don't really see a lot of baby paper released very often.. and I must say this collection by Fancy Pants is just sweetly divine!! It is soft and playful and ever so cute. I have got some perfect pictures to go with this paper.

This is just an example layout using the gorgeous collection.. OMG how sweet is this. I love how they have a massive range in this collection from Element stickers, chipboard pieces to buttons.. and check out all of the sweet paper. Soo many to chose from.
Just thought I would share this with you .. so get down to your LSS and get yourself a wee stash now.
Over and out from Byron Bay tonight x
Moonie x