Saturday, October 23, 2010

Time to scrap alone

My husband and my favorite boy in the world have been away at Fraser Island camping and boating and basically enjoying time away from the city life. I got to stay at home on my own as I had to work but also love being here by myself for some me time.
I had quality time to scrap in the afternoons after work til late at night with not one interruption. Pure bliss is what I call it.
I did this layout of my gorgeous sister and I having a tender moment on the day of my Wedding. This is just after we were announced Husband and Wife and I had many tears of absolute happiness. I have used the Crate Paper Restoration Collection, a paper doily, Websters lace, Thickers letters, Teresa Collins Swirl transparencies and thread.

In this next layout I have used some gorgeous Prima flowers and paper.. Ohh they are soo scrummy, the beautiful My Minds Eye Lost and Found paper which I cannot get enough of, a Teresa Collins bling metal button, Girls Paperie clock die cut and journal tag, lace and Kaiser Rhinestones.
I had a great night at Daisy Chain Scrapbooks last night but could not find any inspiration. I started on a layout and worked on it for over 2 hours, then threw it aside.. just couldn't get it together.. so tried at another one... and failed again.. so gave up all together and made these gorgeous wee tags for my two sweet little friends I went to see in Brisbane today on my motor bike. Great excuse for a day out on the bike. Thanks for the inspiration Monica. They loved them.

I've got my boys back tonight so we are all up for lots of love and cuddles in the bed together.. then later on I will be back to check out lots of blogs as I am much behind. Love looking at all of your inspiration.
Til next time.. thanks for checking out my love..
Moonie xx

Monday, October 18, 2010

New Blog Photo

These are my love favorite girls in the world.. apart from you Mummy and Tanya... by blista..
This is when Danielle and Bonnie reunited after one year of seeing each other and 4 years living in different towns in Qld. They met 5 years ago in Cardwell Far North Qld, and have been besties ever since.
They were seperated 5 years ago when we left town and moved down here to the coast. 12 months ago my girl told me she was not happy living down here and had made the big decision to leave me and move back up north to where all her true friends were still.
Bonnie flew down here and the girls had a road trip back up North. They saved like made for 4 months up there once they both got full time jobs to get a bond sorted and money for all the housey stuff.. they are now like a married couple so in love with each others personalities.... it brings so many tears of happiness to my eyes. They are inseperable and bounce off each other all the time.
They say "We match" all the time when they think the same and decide on the same food, shoes, bags or even time to go to bed. It's crazy funny but so sweet. These girls are my life and Bonnie said I had to adopt her and add her as my other daughter on FaceBook... so yes indeed I have.
Can you see the tears of utter joy in Danielle's eyes. I cried my heart out when I saw them jump into each others arms this day at the airport.
I am so lucky to have such a gorgeous girl and to know that they have a soul mate in each other. I miss my soul mate in Mackay and all my besties up there.. Nothing like a true honest friend to have in your life.
Love always..
Moonie xxxx

Sunday, October 17, 2010

Kits for Sale

If you are interested in purchasing any of my kits that I am designing for A Craft Affair in Townsville, please check them out here.
I'm sure Larn will be only too happy to chat to you about postage.

See ya soon

Moons x

Summer Love

Well what an absolute magical day this Sunday was. Corey and I woke up and went to the markets with a friend at 6am and then we hit the beach to go for a swim at 8. Yep it was fairly nippy as this morning was I'm sure a low of about 10 degrees. Holey smoke it was cold but soo nice. It took til about 9.30am for me to swap my long sleeve for my swimming tank top.
Corey and I had a great day at home swimming in the pool and I of course caught some sun rays relaxing reading a magazine. I love this weather right now. It is just pure bliss.
I am so looking forward for the days and mornings that the first thing that I do is jump in our pool and get a refreshing start to my day.
Hope you all had a great weekend.
Off to finish off some kits for A Craft Affair in Townsville who I design kits for. They are the best bunch of girls up there. Just wish I were up there sometimes to put the kits together with them. I love that part.
Ok, chat to you all soon.
Moonie x

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Inspired Blueprints

Check out Inspired Blueprints October challenge. It is simply gorgeous and I think you should get cracking and give it a shot. Look out for my take on it in a few days time. So many options.

Sunday, October 10, 2010

Five years today and my sister and I held hands and stroked his forehead until he took his last breath. Dad had a sudden massive stroke 5 years ago while he was working. He was great fun, always in for a laugh, his passion in life was his music and his guitar. Tanya and I flew back to NZ and got there within 24 hours of the phone call from the ambulance. We were blessed to be given our last 4 days with Dad. On the 3rd day he had an anuirism which took the biggest part of him away. We played his favorite music in his room for him and finally he was at peace. We took his working watch off his wrist which never come off and put his Rolex one on for him as he was to rest from now on.
He was so proud of us two girls. We were the world to him. You were the world to us too Dad and to know you had the best holiday here with us in Qld just 6 weeks before you left... made me so happy.
Love you forever Dad and I we will be in touch again in our dreams. I have dreamed about Dad about 3 times in the past 3 weeks. It's so real. Just like he was here.
Moonie x

Saturday, October 9, 2010

I have just bought this online here... go and check them all out. I love it

Geeez I love this!!

A 2 Z Scraplets October Challenge

Here is my take on the October sketch over at A2Z Scraplets.
I love this photo of Danielle and I. She is my forever bestest friend in this whole wide world and I love it when we get the chance to get a snap shot of us together now that she has left home. This is when I went up to Townsville to see her for a week. We had a great time together. Always playing silly buggers.
In this layout I have used the gorgeous Prima Paper and flowers, a cute wee Pink Paislee note tag, the new stunning My Minds Eye Lost and Found brads, Rhinestones, and the ever so gorgeous A2Z birds and birdhouse scraplets. These are so much fun to recreate in any way possible. I have just covered then with co-ordinating papers and glitter pens.

I am loving this cool rainy windy weather. I know it doesn't suit everyone but I love any chance for the weather to get a bit cooler during the warmer season. We are chilling out at home tonight. My lovely husband last night cooked up a yummo curry and has let it brew for 24 hrs. He has just served it up and it is smelling just divine. So til next time.. see you all soon. Thanks for stopping in and saying hi.
Moonie xx

Thursday, October 7, 2010

Tone Loc - Funky Cold Medina (Official Video) [HQ]


Hope you all live life to the fullest and remember God only gives you challenges he knows you can handle!
Can't wait to scrap with the girls at Daisy's tomorrow night then another 5 days off!!!! Hopefully the rain will stay away for the weekend so we can be out on our pushbikes and motorbikes. Nothing like this awesome climate right now. I have been swimming in our pool for 2 weeks now and soaking up the rays.
Fingers crossed we may have hit the jackpot!!! (Ken and I that is :-) )
Ok that's all for Moonie tonight. Been a long day.... take care and so glad you all are so happy reading my blog..
Keep up the happy scrappy work x
Moonie xx

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

I bike to the gym when I go in the mornings I dont work and yesterday I got the fright of my life. I was riding along happily enjoying the fast pace I was going with the sun on my back and the breeze in on my face until I looked at my shadow on the road..... Not only did I scream with such fear... I saw a massive Plover bird attack my helmet. He was right on my helmet. I got ht fright of my life and nearly fell of my bike, hit the curb and nearly had a head on collision with the ten vehicles on the road. This nasty mother of a bird thought I was out to get her babies... but I yelled that I was off to they gym and to stop picking on me. They are vicious. A friend of mine was attacked in the head yesterday and a nice chunk taken out of her scalp. Left her bleeding. So..... I have my weapon my darling husband attached to my bike helmet tonight. This will confuse the .. ummm.. birds. I think they are rather cute.... and plus.. they will do the job.
Oh, thanks Lisa Hayes... You are a legend.
I don't care if people laugh at me.. I will not get hurt. :-)
Hope you all have a great week. I'm enjoying not working so much and putting lots of time into me and my beautiful family. Im simply blessed xx
Moonie x

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Oh Deary me

I have just stumbled across the Fine and Dandy - Tickled Pink.

I cannot wait to get to my LSS and get all of this range. The papers are so gorgeous you can do so much with them. Love them.. and they wonder why we stay addicted for soooooo long in this thing called Scrapbooking. Well who can blame us when such eye candy is put into our paths every single day.
(Did I do well?? :-) )


You soo have to go over to My Minds Eye and check out this gorgeous new Fine and Dandy- True Blue range.
I just loove all the gorgeous colours here. I can see some beautiful creations coming alone with this range. I love that they have bought out a 6 x 6 pad too. Love them.

FAD140 FAD135 FAD136

FAD138 FAD139 FAD142 FAD143 FAD137

FAD144 FAD141

Can't wait to get my wee hands on them to play.

Hope you are all well and happy in this wee world we live in.

Moonie x

Sunday, October 3, 2010

A 2 Z Scraplets October Challenge

Look how exciting this sketch looks..

Go ahead and give it a go girls. To see more go to A2Z Scraplets and check it out.

October Sketch Challenge
(by Tanya Leigh Design)

The Rules:
You need to create a layout based on the above sketch.
Its open to your own interpretation, but it must be recognisable.
Only one entry per person.
You do not have to use Scraplets on your layout BUT if you have some in your stashes, feel free to put them on your page.
This competition is open to EVERYONE!!

How To Enter:
Email your layout
by 31st October, 2010,
Please make sure images are re-sized to max of 600x600 pixels and no larger that 200kb,
and that you name the file with your name.

The Prizes:
There are 3 prizes up for grabs.
Each prize is a mystery pack of Scraplets.
First prize is selected as the "judges choice".
Second & Third prize will be selected via random prize draws.
You have to be in it to win it, so what are you waiting for !!

Long time since I have posted :-(

I wish there were more hours in our days.. I have so much I want to do, have to do and then more I want to do but I always seem to run out of time.
I have had a huge week... a few downs which will disappear.. just about gone now to be honest.. you get a shock now and then in this thing we call life, but at the end of the day... I look at my life, my family, my two sweet precious babies who I adore with every inch of my entire soul, I am grateful for our beautiful home we have, I have an awesomely supportive loving husband, a Mother who I cannot fault, a great health, great business and soul mates who will always without a doubt be there for me and me for them. Sometimes you have challenges in your path.. but that's all they are !! They are just challenges.. As long as you get through them.... you come out the winner.. I'm sure every one of you girls who are reading this have been through some shit or challenges in your live and can relate to what I am saying. But as long as I know I am a good loving person.. I am on top! And so are you...
Blaa blaa blaaa and more blaa
Anyway, moving on to more exciting stuff.

In this layout I was asked to do a photo shoot for a great friend of mine Shelley Munson. I wheeled my bike into the photo studio and we have 2 hours of great fun. By the time the two hours was up, I was just starting to unwind. I will be wrapped to show my grandkids this layout when I am 94.5 and my boobies hanging down around my knees. heehhe
I have used the cool Basic Grey Wander paper range. Go and check it out. It is such a super cool range for the boys and even girls.. as you can see in my layout . And a film strip from Tim Holtz for a finishing touch. I love them. It is so important to do layouts of yourself. I think that when my two are older and have their own families.. it will be fantastic to have layouts of themselves to show their families.. but also to have layouts of us too. I would be rapt to have lots of layouts or photos of my Nana and Grandad doing the things they loved when they were younger. We have so many resources today to do such things.. so make sure you do.
So tired now.. I had a great day out on the bikes with my blister and husband and a great friend and his wife following us in their coolest new beach buggy painted Kermit luminous green. And the loud exhaust.. oooh was soo much fun today xx
Love you all my family xx You are all the best in the world.
Moonie xx
Have a great week girls.