Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Mad About Scrappin

Go on over to Mad About Scrappin and check out the Cybercrop Challenges posted my the DT Members. There are some great challenges going on over there. I have done one.

This sketch comes from the very talented Becky Fleck who designs all the sketches over at if you are ever stuck for inspiration, go on over and check them all out...there is bound to be something there to inspire. This sketch is an 8.5 x 11 (A4) sketch but I have made it work for my traditional 12 x 12 layout below. You can do whatever size you like.....
So my challenge for you is to interpret the sketch however you wish.......but I would also like you to use some paint somewhere on your layout as well. It can be a lot or a little, just as long as I can see some paint. I have used a little bit of blue paint on my layout by flicking it with an old toothbrush....the possibilities are endless....... :D
Here is my take on the challenge.

Ok, I think that was my pillow calling me... or maybe my DH. Either way I am turning in for the night.
Goodnight all my good friends.. Day off for me tomorrow so I will see you again then.
Moonie girl x

Such hidden talent

I know a lot of clever creative girls but when I asked my girlfriend Leanne to flick me over what she does..... I was absolutely blown away. I just wanted to share this gorgeous site with you. She keeps herself busy with her massive addiction to magazines and fabric. I can understand her addiction for fabric.. I've been there.. done that. But you truly have to have a boo peep at her beautiful creations. Click here to go to her site.

Thanks for stopping by
Moonie x

DH's New Toy

Well here is my darling with his new Fat Boy... This is his second Harley that he has had and his dream is to own a Fat Boy. So last week he run it past me about what I think... 5 days time it is parked in our garage and he has a massive grin on his face. Oh well...... we all have dreams and if we can somehow fulfill them, then why not. He has worked hard.. so yip, spose he deserves it. I'm just a bit dirty it is louder than my bike. Grrrrr... told him I'm going in to get a hole put in my exhaust!!!! Mwaaahahahahahaha

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Mad About Scrappin DT Challenges

Why not pop on over to Mad About Scrappin and check out the challenges the DT Members have put out there for you to have a go at. There is a great mixture of challenges so go ahead and give one or two a try girls... lots of fun..

Here is my Challenge I have put up so go ahead and have some fun. Dig out the mountain of Chrissy photos you have yet to scrap!!!

2 Pieces of Christmas Printed Paper (one torn)
A rub on
3 x (4x3inch) size photos
1 Journal tag

See you
Moonie x

Monday, March 29, 2010

Too Busy for my liking

I have sadly managed to neglect my blog for the past week... So many things going on I can't seem to keep up with everything like I usually do. Firstly I was nursing a sick husband for 4 days, then we got the keys to our new shop we are opening (well now opened as of Saturday just gone), so the refit and the renovations took place Monday morning. DH and I put in a fair few hours.. well I did Monday and Tuesday. He did 12 hour days for the rest of the week. Along with this I had an extremely sad loss in my family. This really put me back. I have not been myself for the past 5 days due to this. It is always devistating learning this. He was my beautiful Godfather in New Zealand who I had an unconditional bond with... not to mention my Godmother. They are one of the most beautiful couples God put on this earth. So I have been a bit off track for the past week.. I am only glad that I finish up my work tomorrow that I have been doing on the side.. then after tonight 5 more sleeps until we head for Singapore for a nice long holiday. I can see even from here in my lounge in front of my TV, the sun chair right next to the pool at the gorgeous resort we are staying at. And then onto LanKawi and Kuala Lumpa. Very lucky.. very excited. So due to all of the above I have not had a lot of time to play in my scrapping room. But I have done a couple of special cards for my Godmother.

And this is a card I have put together using the gorgeous Making Memories Flutter range. There is so many beautiful pieces in this range.. I love it all. So nice and colorful.. x

Thanks for coming by and having a browse.. Hope you have a great week.
Moonie x

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Stuck on You Sketch Challenge for March

We hope that you all enjoy the variety of sketches we give you. Not sure if you guys know this but each of us on the DT from Stuck on You Sketches get to choose the sketches. Some being pretty simple and straight forward (that being very challenging for some of us) and others complex with lots of detail! We hope that somewhere between all these styles that you will find something that you enjoy and that you will join along with us!
So go on and have a go. I know you are all soo creative out there. Ive seen a lot of your work. And good luck!! Hope it comes your way.
Moonie x

Quote of the day

Haha I thought this was pretty cool xx
See you soon x

Saturday, March 20, 2010

My Space

Do you have your own space or haven of your own to let your mind and creativity take over? I used to in our other house. It was the down stairs lounge. It was all self contained all down stairs and I had it all set up but for some reason I didn't have the inclination to scrap like I do here. I think it was because I felt so far away from the family down there... but as here, it is all on one level, I can pop in and out to the family area, kitchen, go and do other stuff and come back in here. It was meant to be the guest room, but IDTS!! I don't think so!! How could I possibly fit in a Queen size bed for someone to sleep in here once a month or so...? My space is far more important! So I compromised and managed to squeeze a King Single bed in here along with my world of scrapping bits and bobs. I love this space. I put in a TV about 2 months ago as I was missing my favorite TV shows during the week which I do like to watch for the company. So it's great. The family come in here and chill out with me and lay on the bed and chat to me. Corey has his own wee desk I have set up in here for him. He loves to scrap also. He has his12x12 masterpieces on the wall like Mummy too. Just thought I would share this with you.
Bye for now x Moonie x

This is the gorgeous Crate Paper Season Collection I have used in the middle of this layout. For the backing sheet I have used Ruby Rocket PP - Kindered spirit. Perfect match for the Crate Paper. I don't do enough of these layouts... they are fun and a bit funky with all the colors and I must say I really enjoy the cutting out part. I find it theroputic. Oh and not to mention the boy.... he is such a spunk... don't you think. Corey was 2 here and full of love for life!
I hope you are all having a great weekend. I am.. as I dont work Saturday, Sunday or Mondays... loove the 3 days off... even tho I still have stuff to do here at home but it's great to be just chilling at home.
See ya x
Moons x

Layout on Canvas

I have enjoyed putting these two layouts together for a very special friend of my daughters. For the Mummy layout I have used the gorgeous Heidi Swapp PP which I have had for a long while... but was waiting for the right moment and photo to used it. I have a mixture of embellies and flowers put together and I have used the Darkroom door stamps designed by Rachel Greig. They are simply gorgeous and stamp up wonderful.

So this is the gorgeous Mumma.. and this is her new bubba.. He is only 4 weeks old. He is such a wee precious thing and she is going to be a good Mummy. So this is for his room.. I am hoping she does not see my blog until she gets these in the mail..

In this layout I have used the cutest Sassafras Monstrosity PP, the new Apple Jack range and the new Cherry Delicious PP. It is a pretty simple layout but not a lot needed as the paper is so out there and makes it own statement. The name tag is one of K&Co's, cute rubon from Making Memories which I have had forever but are perfect for the right LO like this and just some very cute bright buttons and ribbon.
Thanks for looking x
Moonie x

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Time is going so fast lately and I can barely keep up. I really enjoyed our day of sunshine today... was threatening to rain but we got away with just a couple of wee spits.
Friday already again tomorrow. I cannot believe it... but Friday is a great night for me as I go to my LSS and do an 8 hour or so crop with all the girls.
I just wanted to share with you the gorgeous sunset photo my girlfriend Lisa Hayes took of our beautiful part of the world we live in. We are so blessed to live here I am in love with it every single day. Thanks Lisa.. oh by the way... I have just stolen your photo.. oopppsie xx

Anyway not much happening in my world at the moment.. Always busy though.. such as life!
Thought I would share a layout with you for tonight. I have just finished a beautiful LO for someone special which I will be putting onto a canvas.. When she gets it in the mail.. I will upload it for you.
Thanks for stopping in x
Moonie x

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

New A2Z Scraplets Released

Pop on over to A2Z Scraplets and check out the gorgeous new scraplets that have been released. There are some yummy ones and so much fun to use on a layout.
The DT members have come up with some lovely layouts using these so go ahead and check them out.
This is one of my layouts using the bird cage.

Funny for the day

Well I am very lucky girl.. I have a ticket to go and see Heidi Swapp or the day. I am so excited.
It will be a day long workshop beginning at 9am and finishing up about 6pm. A full day of inspiration and fun with the girls.
My husband bought it as a surprise for me and it blew me away!! Thanks to the help of little Miss Lisa Hayes... thumbs up to you xx
It has been 2 yrs since Heidi was last here and I was not that fortunate last time to go so this time I will make the most of it and enjoy new techniques that are always so much fun to learn. Especially from the experts.
So what are you waiting for.... check out her blog right here because registration is now open. There is also a discount of $15 per booking if you book before the 1st April.

Monday, March 15, 2010

If you are looking for some gorgeous handmade embellishments click on here. Jodie is having a fabulous give away. They are simply scrumptious x

Saturday, March 13, 2010

Ohhh such eye candy!!

Bo Bunny have just released a new beautiful collection - Mamma Razzi!!
It is so me and love the absolute whole range so go in and check it out!!!

He's here!

Well I thought I would drop a line and a couple of pics. Ted is here now and he has his bed, towel, teddy bear, lead and a plastic bag of treats. Awwww!! He is too cute. We have just taken him for a nice long walk along the water next to where we live. He had a great time. He told me so.... True.. He did.. really.. he went Woof Woof...!
See ya's
Moons x

Heidi Swapp


It’s been just over a year since I had the opportunity to come to Australia and bring “Create 08”! I was hoping that it wouldn’t be long before I’d be back ‘down under’, but I didn’t think it would be this soon!

On May 4-5th, Aussie Scrap Source is putting on a special event for retailers, and I couldn’t be happier to be invited to attend and teach from my new range of Tattered Angels products!! In speaking with my Tattered Angels friends… we decided to expand our stay and do a little bit of a tour! We are excited to be visiting: Melbourne, Sydney and Brisbane…we are trying to squeeze in as much as we possibly can!

Some products need more ‘education’ than others. Usually, those are the products that you can do the most with… they are the most versatile and allow the most creativity! The products and projects that we will be bringing you are in this category… they require a little instruction, and once you get the basics… there is no stopping where you can take it!! of course, I am talking about all the Glimmery mediums from Tattered Angels, as well as the concept of ‘hybrid crafting’ that is our vision at House of 3!

The day long workshop will begin at 9am, and we’ll go until 6pm….. a full day of inspiration and instruction!

i will be posting costs and registration information in the next couple of days.. but i just need to get everyone to SPREAD THE WORD that this is going on ... so you can start making plans! it's going to be awesome --- just had a huge meeting to talk about it and i am SO excited!! & guess what??? i get to go to FIJI on my way to AU to visit my folks... happy, happy dance!!

Just thought I would share a couple of layouts with you. This is TED!! This is my sisters son and we are babysitting him tonight. When she SMS me and asked if Ted could have a sleep over I replied "Of course, just as long as you pack his over night bag and his lunch box." She replied "Ted said "Woof Woof (Thanks Moonie).
He is a dear wee soul. The most placid dog I have ever met. As my sister is a Hair Dresser, Ted the pooch is very spoilt and gets Keune Shampoo and conditioner used on his mane :-) and then when he comes over for dinner with his Mum and Dad, he gets a special squirt of after shave on so he smells devine. (oh my gosh you are all shaking your heads aren't you!!!) haha well it is so cute I thought I should share that !
This is one of my favorite photos of my Corey. My talented daughter took this pic of him and knows that I love her photography. She is only 19 next month and learning photography as she has a real passion for it.
Thanks for stopping in today. I hope the rain is good for you. It is pouring here right now... and for a Saturday I say BRING IT ON!! There is nothing more awesome for me right now than to have this so welcomed rain. I love the feeling that you can actually have a rest without the guilty feelings that come with it.. the temp is devine and its a great way to spend the day with the family all at home just chilling out on the bed together doing our own things.
Hope all is good in your parts of the world.
Love always
Moonie x

Thought this was too cute not to share!!

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Quote of the Day

Gotta love this one!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I have just received my first blog award from Vanessa from Scrap With V!! Thanks so much Ness. You are too kind.
The Rules.....

* Put the logo on your blog or within your post

* Pass the award onto 6 bloggers who are followers of your blog

* Link the nominees within your post

* Let the nominees know they have received this award by commenting on their blog\

* Share the love and link to the person from whom you received this award

I am sending this award to these special girls....

Tarrah McLean
Lisa Hayes
Toni Crane
Mel (aussiescrapper)
Dawn Gallop

So enjoy the compliment girls... you all deserve it x
Moonie x

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Sad day today for us

4 months ago my Corey boy was complaining of a sore hip and leg. For about 2 weeks we thought it was growing pains.... until one morning he could no longer walk!! He was in screaming pain whenever moving... could not even sit himself on the toilet, get into the car to go to the Doctor. After a few days of immediate investigation and the diagnosis being dropped down from acute arthritis, we were told from the Orthopedic Surgeon that he had Irritable hip syndrome AKA toxic Synovitis. We dealt with it over a period of about 6 weeks. He got better in time after spending some short time on crutches. He has been great since then but he woke up this morning yelling out that he could not move. Daddy was out swimming and I went to his aid and he was soo upset. So we had the day off today seeing his Doctor and having the blood tests done. Will wait til Monday for results and if he is still as bad, we will go and have the ultra sound. This will just confirm there is fluid on his hip like last time. Not much they can do except we have to let him take it easy and keep the Neurofen topped up. The sad this is that he has been so excited for the past 4 weeks about going to Under Water World with his class of 24. This is on tomorrow... Thursday... So I will be going with him and I will be picking up a wheel chair for him that the kind Doctor has supplied for us. This is Corey when we got home from the appointments. Poor wee soul... I love this boy to the end of the world and back. Thanks for letting me share this with you all Moons x

Quote of the Day

This is so much me!!

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Be the Winner!!!!!!!

Psssst…! We wanted to let you in on a secret. kikiart wants YOU to be a winner!
Want to win some of the latest stuff from kikiart?! Show us some love by adding our badge to your blogs, and you could randomly be selected as one of our lucky winners just for displaying it proudly! …and don’t forget to link it back to us.

We’re currently on the lookout for all of you kikiart fans, so get those badges posted!
Don’t have a blog, but want to join in on all the fun?!

We do frequent giveaways for our facebook fans so to find out more about these giveaways, you have to be a Facebook Fan of Kiki Art. On top of the giveaways for our fans, the latest news and projects are shared on our Facebook Fan Page, so there is definitely lots of inspiration to share with everyone!
Ready… set… spread the word about kikiart.

Gorgeous Bella Blvd PP

I had lots of fun with this layout. I love using fun colourful paper from time to time.. Just seems to be such a breeze and very easy on the brain. It is the new Bella Blvd PP - Super Stud with a bit of Cosmo Cricket and Making Memories thrown in as it all suits!! I have used the lovely Cherry Art Chipboard star - Morocco.
Thanks for stopping in x
Moonie x

Monday, March 8, 2010


Well I am now able to tell you all my excitiing news that I received from an email on Tuesday.
I was welcomed on to the Design Team for MAD ABOUT SCRAPPIN......
Very excited about this. This is my second DT that I am currently on so I will be a busy little bee.
They are a great bunch of girls and I am already getting to know them.

New DT Announced

Well after so many wonderful applications we have finally chosen our new DT Members.
Thank you to everyone who sent their application in. It is always such a hard decision!!!
Staying on is Lisa Kamphuis as Team Leader and In Shop Teacher
Melissa Barnicoat - OTP/Card Designer
Plus joining us for the 1st time are
Lisa Webb
Tarrah McLean
Sarah Buck
Welcome to the Mad About Scrappin Team.

So make sure you pop on over to Mad About Scrappin and keep up to date with what we are up to.
See you soon x
Moonie x

Sunday, March 7, 2010

A2Z March Sketch Challenge

Here is my layout for the A2Z March Sketch Challenge. Have you sent yours in yet?? Get cracking and good luck girls x
Ok, I feel guilty for sitting on my behind for so long over these scrapping days and nights so goodbye and thank you very much...... LOL
I'm off for a good 5 km walk...
See you tonight maybe x
Moonie x

Scrap With V 13 Hr Crop Day

Friday night I went to my favorite ever place Daisy Chain Scrapbooks for my all night scrap. Once again I had a fantastic night with the girls there.. they are like family to me and I wouldn't miss it for the world. I climbed into bed at 1am. I was two hours earlier than I normally am but I had my big day out in Brisbane the next day. A good friend of mine and I packed up my DH truck and headed for Brisbane at 7am to get to the Scrap With V all day crop that started at 9am and ended at 10pm. It was a great day all round. I finally got to meet Julie Cotterall who owns A2Z Scraplets. Since being on the Design Team for A2Z Scraplets I have chatted online to a few of the ladies and it is so nice to finally meet who you chat to for hours. Also I got to meet the lovely Vanessa Waller who is the head and brains and creator behind Scrap With V. Vanessa set up this day along with Lindy and did a fantastic job. All the ladies were pretty mellow for a good part of the day... but all of a sudden they come out of their shells and belly laughs and tears of laughter were had by all. Thanks girls for a great day!!!!! Lisa and I had fun. The best thing about spreading your wings and getting out is that you get to meet other awesome scrappers, pick up new technechs, see different products that are out there and basically it's good to mingle with new ladies from time to time. So thank you Vanessa and all the other ladies who were involved in setting up yesterday..... we had a great time!!!!!!!! here are a couple of my layouts I managed to get done.... Thanks for popping in.... you all keep me going x Moonie girl x