Sunday, March 16, 2014

Project Life cards - Weeks 5-7

Here are many of my recent project life inserts I have done lately.  I am on holidays in New Zealand at the moment visiting family who I miss dearly. So nice to be here.  The weather is great. Nice and cool and bearable.. Just what I like.
Today Mum and I had 6 hours out on our own shopping, lunching and having a couple of drinks together in a funky little cafe.

Thats all for now.. I will be back very soon with some holiday pictures.
Til then
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Wednesday, March 5, 2014

We're going home

This time next week Corey and I will have our bags packed to go back home to New Zealand.. We are going home to see my family.  My Nana below turned 90 in October 2013.  I did not get to go home and join the other over 100 family who turned up for her birthday.. but I will be there in 8 days to see her.
My Nan has never gone out with other girlfriends or really gone out to work as such.  She was a farmers wife and they were married for I think it was 63 years.  They had 6 children and adopted one.  They have over 50 grandchildren and they have Great and Great Great Grandchildren.  Nana has always been with family and farmers and shearers her whole life.. The cook the cleaner the Nan to everyone.  Still up until just before Christmas she was driving the Grandkids around, lending them a bit of dose now and then, and as you can see in the photo below, this is one of her Great Great Grandsons.... she lives and breathes these little ones.
Sadly Nana was taken to hospital on Christmas Day 2013.  She was in there for weeks and weeks and it was very touch and go.  I am going home to see her just incase it may be the last time.  She is tired and wants to be with Grandad now up in heaven.  We lost Grandad 9 years ago.  He died in his beautiful massive vege and fruit garden.  He had every fruit and vege you could name.  He peacefully passed away watering his veges first thing in the morning.  He was very sad as he lost his neighbour not so long before he passed away.  Grandad was still in shock.  He was the rock of our whole family.  Always giving the son-in-laws shit lol

Nana with little Noah at MacDonalds just after she got out of hospital early this year.

Yip... in the back seat where she loves to be with all the kids

This is Mount Maungaui which was my hangout for all my childhood and teenage years.. We had a caravan right under this mountain for 15 years.  We went there all the summer holidays and every weekend before and after the 6 weeks school holidays.  This place rocks!!!

Here we all are.... Ken and I and Corey docked in here on our boat cruise 3 years ago on the Rhapsody of the Seas... My cousin and kids and Mum and John were all there waiting for us.  It was the best day and so so many memories.. They are so excited and waiting for us to arrive again.. Will be nice for Corey to spend some time with his cousins. He doesnt have any here.  Vey sad for me as I grew up with oodles of them.

Love this place.

Love my Mum... xxx she is the best in the world and we just laugh until we cry 

I can't wait to have some quality time at home with Mum and John and my Nan.  Its been 4 years since Ive have been home for a little length of time.  So it will be family, art, sewing, family and family get togethers.
Til then x
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Moonie x