Thursday, September 27, 2012

2 days left :-(

Well we have had the best ever break.  Not long to go til we are back at home and into it again for another few months.  This morning I had a nice sleep in.. again.. and went from my bed to my towel on the beach... heaven!!! stayed down there for 2 hours.  We we spoilt this morning.  The whales and dolphins put on a spectacular show for us.  They were only metres away from where we were swimming.  Corey was so excited he come running up the beach to tell me that he and his friend saw two dolphins in the waves as it smashed down. They are incredibly gorgeous creatures.  A couple of guys paddled out on their boards to play with them.  They were so cool.  Sadly I couldn't get a clear photo.  But here are a few shots of yesterday.  We rode the bikes, climbed hills, swam and chilled.  Such a beautiful part of the world and we are literally 3 hours from our doorstep.

Tomorrow we are taking Corey fishing and then the beach again.. No physical hard straining.. the most Ive really done is got on my pushy every day.  I love that thing.  Sadly I dont get to use it where we are living..  The most straining thing I am doing here is lifting the jug to pour my coffee LOL. Well that's what holidays are for aren't they??
I must say I am itching for a bit of creativity in my scrapping room back at home.  I am missing my papers and all my yummy goodness.  Friday night at Daisys here we come.
I have just had a card accepted to be published in Scrapbook Creations Magazine so Im pretty excited about that.  Cant wait to get home and make some more.
Well thats it from me tonight.  I am missing my gorgeous friend Monika who is currently in Bali ATM doing a course with Jane Davenport.  She is there for 10 days and I miss her lots.  She will be home soon to pass on all her motivation and creative juices.
Night night all
Moonie x

Monday, September 24, 2012

Another Great Day in Paradise

Well one of my BFF come down to our caravan today to spend some time with us.  We had loads of laughs and spills and swims and sinks today.  The surf was awesome and so refreshing.  We loved it.  We got a good shower of rain this arv.. but lucky we were out having lunch the 4 of us and did a bit of shopping.  We come across this very old books store which stocks mostly old classic books.  I thought of my other BFF Monika.  You would have loved it.  Monika re-creates these books with Gesso and other paint, fabric, coloured pencils and thread.  She is so totally amazing.
Tex bought a couple of cool vintage books.. We have a project in mind.. but thats for after all the other projects we have in the pipe line... So good to have such a good friend who is 5 minutes away from you who have the same things in common.  We are like a clone of each other.  Even my hubby says.. LOL tooooo funny.  At least we are happy.  Thats what life is all about right???? (inserting huge smiles)
Well here are some photos from today.
My two favorite boys in the world

Back together again - me and ma girl

How cool is this rock formation and the colour of the water... we are blessed here in Australia. BTW I love the underwater cameras. Everyone needs one.

Hours of fun on the beach today

My best mate for life

Will be back tomorrow with some more pics.. Loving spending time playing and editing photos.  So much fun x
Night night everyone

Sunday, September 23, 2012

Playing with photos

I am now on holidays which means means I get time to do things I don't always get time to do.  Its a true luxury to be on holidays and have chill out time.  I have got lots of photos I want to play with and Picmonkey is one of my favorites.  Here are just two of the collages I have created so far.

On this collage of Corey in his creative mood I have actually attached a Jessica Sprague frame onto the photo.  I love the effects of these.  
And awwww..... how gorgeous is my Kookaburra.... I had 3 of them sitting on the handle of my pushbike yesterday afternoon while sipping a late afternoon alcoholic beverage.. (well we are on holidays you know)... they are so calm and happy to sit so close to you.  Such angelic birds.  And check out those feathers.  Simpy divine.
I have 6 days left to take a heap of fun photos.  Im also getting to know my new camera too which is great.  Time once again.. Always a lack of it to do all the things we wish to do.  Not have to do.
I have a great friend arriving tomorrow so we will no doubt get some fun shots over the next few days.  Hope the weather holds up.  It's simply gorgeous atm.
Thats all for now.
Moonie x

Saturday, September 22, 2012

Love these mad kids

I know as Mums we are all crazy in love with our kids... but when you capture moments like these and you have them for life... well that is the best part of scrapping.. When in years to come and they are all grown up and have grey hair well they can then have a laugh at themselves too and the personality they both had with each other.  Corey went through a stage.. very clever I might add... that he knew as soon as I took the shot he opened his mouth up and swung his head back with an crazy laugh just for the camera.  Crazy and it made me laugh for a while then he got a few slaps LOL.. sooo painful and not so funny after 13 attemps..  But geez I have to laugh at him.  He and Danielle my girl (12 year gap) get on great.  So lucky to have been blessed with a crazy girl and boy who I adore with my whole entire heart.

Cheeky bugger LOL

Loving these colour combos

Products I have used in this layout are:
My Minds Eye - Nostalgia
Simple Stories - Documented
Sequins and Badge from The Greatest View
My Minds Eye - The Sweetest Thing
Washi Tape
Authenique mini words
Bakers Twine
My Minds Eye - The Sweetest Thing chipboard buttons
Tim Holtz Film Strip
Echo Park - This n That Stickers
Tim Holtz Rosette Die Cutter
Kaiser Craft mini letter stickers

Thats all for now my loves... Im pretty happy to have received an email from Scrapbook Creations saying they would love to publish some of my work I submitted.  Great stuff!!
Night night... the ocean sounds so good I have to close my eyes and let my mind take me to another world.
Moonie x

Holidays at last

Well I have been busting for this week away with my two boys.. We are in our caravan right on the beach in NSW and it is divine.  I love hearing the waves crash all night long, you get more relaxed being on the beach and then of course get more sleep.  It is only 7.30pm and we are all tucked up in bed watching a movie and me of course playing on my macbook.
The caravan park here is full up but in saying that it is a quiet spot we have chosen.  No shops... no nothing but nature and the beach and ocean.  It cant get much better.   The closest shops are only 7km away so that is easy peasy.
I have bought my crochet squares away and my hoodie jacket I am knitting so I can get a bit more done on them.  Good time to chill out.  I will do a 7km walk each day and we bought the 3 push bikes down with us so we can ride into the little township for lunch or a hit of caffine.

Here are some cool shots we took today.. Just on our way in 2km away from the van park there was a garage sale.. and yep I must say I have an eye for a good bargain... I said STOP THE CAR!!!!!!!
I spotted a papasan cane chair.  I just looooove these.  I used to have one a long time ago and they are the most comfy chairs you can get.  $25 what a bargain.  So I even have my most amazing comfy posy here at the beach.
Not a bad spot for $350 for the week.. and ocean views included.

 Corey creating a clothes line for me

 First time for Corey to sleep in the awning.  See if he lasts the night.

Inside our pad

Get out of me chair!!!  All I have to do is get a proper papasan cushion online.

Such beautiful fluffy birds.

Yip... love this boy

Just look at this wee mans feathers.

When we were outside having a drink earlier the Kookaburras come around right next to us.  They are so tame it was amazing.  Two of them sat on my push bike handles and just sat there for about 20 min.  Just enough time for us to get some great shots.

Anyway... best I go and blog my layout I did last night at Daisys.

Have a great school holidays to those parents out there that are on holidays.  I only have a week off but am relaxed to the nines already. Only day 1 

Luv to all
Moonie x

Thursday, September 20, 2012

Believe in Yourself - A note to me x

Well here is my My Minds Eye layout I have finally finished... Not a lot to it but after having a crappy week with the back..... well I had to just rest it up.
I had fun putting this together.. like I said I am loving the bright yellow at the moment and suits the yellow in my hair thanks to Lemme Cam.. gotta love filters.. but oh well .. it fits in with my colour collection I have used.  

Products I have used are:
My Minds Eye - The Sweetest Thing
Echo Park - For The Record 2
D-lish Washi tape
Amy Tan Believe Sticker
Jenni Bowlin Button
Tim Holtz Button
Prima Flower
Hambly Transparencies
Bakers Twine
Swiss Dot Embossing Folder
White Cardstock
Versa Color Ink
Lacey Circle Spellbinder
Kaiser Craft Pearls
Amy Tan Paper
Collected and Co Letter Stickers

One more day and its the weekend!!!! I can hardly wait... Full of excitement.  Did you know I love the weekends??  Beautiful weather or pouring with rain.. I'm excited.
Take care all my friends.... Make sure you leave me some love 
Moonie x

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Loving MME

I am simply obsessed with My Minds Eyes new collection The Sweetest Things.  It is so pretty and full of colour.  I am loving the yellow and turquiose at the moment.  I cant seem to get enough.  I started a layout on Friday night at Daisys but I had a busy weekend and then I have had a crook back again all week so far so I have been listening to my body and going to bed.  Last night I was in bed before my boys... 7.30pm it was.  Corey was in shock.  I slept through til 7.30 this morning, took Corey to school and jumped back into bed til 10am. you have to listen to your body sometimes.  I am always on the go, full of life and basically anyone who knows me ... knows I never and cant sit still.. but I am planning on getting back into my room tonight to finish it.  So hopefully I will be able to post it here tomorrow night.
So while you are here go and check out the gorgeous collection by MME
Thats it for me today.  Off to work I go.  You should see the Christmas stock we are putting out and that is arriving in dispatch each day.... OMG!!!!!!!! Soooo much yummy goodnes.. Move over wool.... cause Christmas is moving in.
Hohoho x

Sunday, September 16, 2012

Sooooo excited!!!

I was welcoming and invited into this cool FB group a little while ago.  These girls are mad scrappers all doing the Project Life Albums.  They are a great bunch of girls who seem awesome and heaps of fun.  I have met a few so far but a lot more to go.  I cannot wait to meet them I must say... And that is going to happen soon enough. It turns out the awesome lady Beth who has organised this retreat invited me into the group.  She come into work a long time ago and said.. Hello Lisa.  I knew her face but didn't know where from.  She said.... I nursed you while you were in hospital.  The penny dropped.  I remember her saying she was a keen as scrapper and it was nice to talk to her in hospital.  
Well Beth has decided to get a few girls together.. even coming all the way from Perth... to do a 3 day scrapping retreat.  Beth has snapped up this delightfully gorgeous house for us to rent for the 3 days.
It sleeps 12 people but the owners are happy for us to take along some mattresses and plonk them down on the floor so we have have about 20 girls for the weekend.  I am so excited the pang in my belly is hurting LOL.
What a place!!!!!  This beautiful home is rented out for approx $300 a night.. more at peak season. But all together for 2 nights @ $600 it is going to cost us a tiny $15 per night!!!!!
I can feel the pang again.. OMG.... its hurting LOL
So yeah.. it will be a pretty special fun weekend in March for all of us.  I have got a good friend coming with me and I will finally get the chance to meet all these other nuts who I chat to online most nights.  And I will certainly be keeping it in mind for special occasions in the near future!

So that's it for my teasing tonight... I simply cannot wait!
I had a great weekend.. well I should say Sunday... as I worked all day tomorrow.  My day off again tomorrow.  Today I took my Corey to Nippers.  Was the first day of the season.   He loved it.  They had to do an ocean swim to qualify to compete in any comps this season and I was so proud of him.  He come 6th out of about 22 in his age group.  He has a fear of swimming in the ocean as it is black and he cant see what he may feel near his legs or feet.   He is ok on the board.  I know he will overcome it... just a matter of time.  I went and got a coffee and sat on my beach chair while I let him play on his board in the ocean for about an hour.  Was soo delicious down there today at the beach. Such perfect temperature.  We then come home, threw the double mattress out by the pool, made a huge salad and tuna and went out by the pool and had lunch and got in the pool a few times. And YES!!! It was freezing but sooo refreshing once we got out. Had a bit of a sun bake and pretty well had a beautiful day together.  Daddy went out on his bike for a 3 hour ride with a friend.
Bring on tomorrow!!! New day ahead.. so looking forward to it x
Night night my friends
Moonie x

Thursday, September 13, 2012

My Boys

Good morning my lovely readers.. I am sitting in my favourite cafe with my best man at the moment.. We like to catch up for an uninterrupted coffee break together in the mornings before I go training or start work.  Such a beautiful day out there... I have got work at 1pm so Im making the most of my morning free time first.
I had a good little play with this layout using some paint and doing some splatting.  Love how it turns out so random.  I love these phtotos of Corey and Ken playing cowboys out in our back yard while all us girls were having a scrapping retreat inside.  Corey made this Bow and Arrow with his Dad and it turned out really cool.  He has still got it.  We have 1.3 acres so he has lots of area to ping it and practice.

Products I have used:
My Minds Eye - The Sweetest Thing Collection - Bluebell
Echo Park - For the Record 2
Teresa Collins - Vintage Findings Die Cuts
Collected & Co - Felt Clouds
October Afternoon - Mini Markets Letters
Kraft Cardstock
Oniball Black Pen
Jo Sonja Paint 

Well I hope you all have a great day.  So magnificent out there.. I am in love with the day :-)
Moonie x

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

My Mind's Eye

These are the fun photos I love to scrap.. We will look back on these funny photos and remember how totally bored the three of us were sitting in the Doctors surgery for over an hour just waiting.. Well what does a Scrapper with an iphone do.......? We take stupid random photos and end up being absolute silly buggers trying to contain our laughter and stupidity.

My product list is:
 MME The Sweetest Thing Collection
American Craft Thickers - Patchwork
Tim Holtz Photo Strip
Typo Bingo button
Amy Tan Stamps
Jo Sonja black paint
7 Gypsies tag circle
Natural Twine

Thats all for now.. Got a few great shots printed out today.  I am busting to have a play with them.
Night night
Have a great week girls.. Happy Scrappin x
Moonie x

Monday, September 10, 2012

October Afternoon....

I am planning on starting my very first Project for Life Album in January.  I am scouting through lots of blogs and finding inspiration..  I am just blown away with the amount of gorgeous papers there are out there for the little pockets.  Check these ones out..

And go over to October Afternoon and check out this cute as collection 9-5.  So cute and colourful.. How can a girl ever get so sick and tired of scrapping when all these stunning collections keep coming out on the market for us.
Night night for now

Moons x

Thursday, September 6, 2012

My first Journal

I have heard about SMASH albums and journals and Project Life Albums but I have never really taken a good look at it all.  Im so into my 12 x 12 layouts.  I recently went to see and meet Amy Tan and of course I spent a good bit of $$ on her products and I have a nice wee stash of her cool bright inspiring products to play with.  I have done a couple of layouts but then I thought I would venture into the Daybook world and put one together just for ME!!
It is like a breath of fresh air creating these pages.  So much fun, colour, funkiness and my son and hubby love what they see.
I am using 90% of Amys products because they are perfect!!  I have added in a few extras and letter stickers.
 is my front page and title for MY JOURNAL
which I thought was perfectly appropriate.

Only about 8 more pages to go.. So much fun.. May have to do another one or two to put in Christmas stockings....
Have fun creating girls xx
Moonie x