Sunday, May 30, 2010

Second ever Double Layout.

Here I have used the coolest printed papers by Basic Grey, MME, October Afternoon and the Orbit Maze by Crate Paper. The spotted border is from Crate paper and I just thought the combination of the three printed papers worked really well. I have having a thing with RED right now? Isn't it funny without thinking about you, you suddenly see this duplication forming of either a color combo or some other embellishment which for a few layouts becomes a bit of an obsession. Like you said Kim... It does give the layout a bit of a POP..LOL
I have been playing with PS CS3. I edited these photos of Corey which were great color to begin with using a couple of actions from Pioneer Woman Photography. I am finding it really hard to find some tutorials on how to use the actions but I find if I just play using different actions and then look to see what effect it gives my photo... I just start over and try again.. I guess it's the only way to learn when you are by yourself. Lisa Hayes and I want to get our heads together one night and have a brain storm using PS. Will be good but somehow we are struggling to find that free night. The story of LIFE
Thats it for now.. I hope you all have been getting creative over these few cooler nights we have been having.. I am loving the cooler weather. Love the snuggling up in the mornings and at night.

Moonie x
By the way, does anyone know how to post these layouts so they are beside each other as I see them when I click on Preview?

Sunday, May 23, 2010

Bo Bunny Mama Razzi PP

I am in love with this Mama Razzi paper range from Bo Bunny. It has a very grunge look to it and very masculine which is nice to find sometimes as there are so many beautiful pretty full of colour papers out there but I go mad on paper like this when it is released. I have done a layout of when we went to the Night Safari Zoo in Singapore.. Ooops just no photos of animals. It was impossible for me to take shots of the animals as we were not allowed at all to use our flashes. A couple of people didn't have their ears turned on and used the FLASH!! OMG!! Deaf ears.. Poor animals. So we just enjoyed looking at the awesome different animals. The biggest rats in the world were not to be sneezed at. They were absolutely disgusting.. trust me.

After doing two layouts Friday night on my Corey boy, he was riding his push bike past me yesterday with his thumb up saying... quick Mumma take a photo of me to scrap!!!!!!!
Like I need any more photos of HIM!!! Boys - Men.. they think it's all about them.
I was looking for a DVD for Danielle yesterday and come across this gorgeous photo of her in her drawer. Sorry DJ. I have not seen it before but was taken at Dream World on the water log.
I love this picture as it is a true photo of her being so happy. I love you Danielle all the way to the sky and back.. ok... crying now.. omg... ok, moving on.
I have used the gorgeous Pink Paislee 365 Degrees Range. Ooooh my... the papers are so delightful, happy, colourful, and I love the swirls on the papers. So many to chose from but here is my layout. I got some inspiration from Karen Knight off a layout she did. She does cute 8x8 pages.
Ok thats it for me right now.. off to have a lovely coffee with my Kenny boy. Beautiful day here again in paradise. Man I love this weather. To die for. Hope you are all having a great weekend.
Moonie x

Saturday, May 22, 2010

Daisy's Scrapping Retreat

Here are two layouts that I managed to get done last night at Daisy's. I must say I do love both of these photos of Corey. I quite often put my finger on his nose talking to him and Danielle caught this one on film..LOL... and it is such a cute photo. Our kids are so lucky with the photos that they are going to have when they are our age to show their children. I have 3 photos of me when I was a wee one. I hate the fact that this is all I have but my parents did not have a camera when I was younger. I spose this is why it is so important to keep such awesome memories of them now.
In this layout I have used the gorgeous Fancy Pants Road Show PP, a K & CO rubon that I have put on to the left of Corey fitted in perfectly, Little Yellow Bicycle clothesline range pp,Collections Elements cut out bird, Cherry art chipboard heart, SEI PP- grannys kitchen and some thread and lace of course.

I am trying to teach myself Photoshop CS3. I have many brushes which are to die for, but along with working two jobs, keeping a house, being a mother, wife, scrapping, gyming and basically just living each day.... there is sadly not been enough time to put in to practice this PS. But I am determined to put more effort in and just play and learn. I love the effect that I have created here using the brush down the bottom and top corner. Next time I will use a lighter colour brush up in the top right hand corner as it is too dark. I am loving the sepia effect and love this photo even more as Corey is so proud to have finally lost some teeth. He lost 5 in 7 weeks.. the Tooth Fairy has done a runner...

I have used the gorgeous Basic Grey Cappella range here. Go and check it out. Beautiful for some vintage pages. I made the frame just from cardboard. And used the gorgeous Martha Stewart punch. Ohh how I love her punches.
Ok, well I have spent the day with my boys today.. done a big spring clean of the house and now everything is up to date... so off to Daisys again for a night shift again. I got there last night at 5 and got into my warm bed with my warm husband at 2.55am this morning.
Thanks for popping in and saying hi
Moonie x

Thursday, May 20, 2010

A few more layouts from me x

Just loooove my wee Corey with this cute as a bug look on his face. This was taken when we lived in Cardwell up in Far North Qld. The ocean was our back yard. Beautiful but only for a holiday for me. Only 1000 people in the town and I was the only arty farty one there :-(

This is my gorgeous Danielle dressed up in her graduation dress playing around on her day off with her girlfriend taking pictures on the beach. I have used the word" Princess for a day" from A2Z Scraplets.

Well thanks for stopping bye girls... there is some gorgeous work going on out there.. so many talented people and it is so nice to read all of your blogs too.
Keep happy and enjoy every single day.
Moonie girl x

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Designing for A2Z Scraplets

These are my last couple of layouts I have designed for the gorgeous Julie Cotteral from A2Z Scraplets. I have been designing for Julie for approximately 7 months and I have loved every single week of it. Sadly I have stepped down from this position as I have such a full on life right now and I am struggling to meet deadlines. Julie is ever so understanding about life and where it can take you and all the challenges that are sent our way, so I thought this was the best decision for me right now. I know life will slow down but while I feel overloaded, I think it is the best decision to take a back seat and not be stressed about designing. I will still be checking out the blog that Julie puts up and I will make sure I still enjoy submitting some of the challenge layouts Julie has each month.

Here in this layout I have used the gorgeous insert from the New Scraplet
"Star 3 - Large Frame".
In this layout I have used the gorgeous florish scraplet which I have actually painted and then gone over the top layer with Glossy Accents Crackle. I love this stuff and it gives the FLORISH a lovely vintage look. I love these photos of me and my boys. It was taken down at Dream World last year and I have edited them in PSE and given them the vintage sepia look then sandpapered the edges of the photos. Also used the gorgeous Martha Stewart punches, lace, rubbons, Prima flowers, Heidi Swapp journalling sticker, and more bits and pieces of yummies.

Thanks Julie for looking after me. You are simply the best you must know!! I love your creation with the gorgeous fun scraplets and make sure you keep them coming. Keep your eyes open for new scraplets being released each and every month on the A2Z Scraplets. They just keep getting more exciting.
Ok, it's late for me now... and I can hear my pillow..or huthband calling me so goodnight to all you lovely friends out there.
Moonie x

Quote of the Day

Sunday, May 16, 2010

Now and then I get my scrapping room in a bit of pigsty and have stuff everywhere except where it is meant to be... so since it was such a lovely day at home yesterday I thought I would spend a few hours in there giving it a clean up... along with this I decided to have a complete change around. I spend most nights in there and I love my room as it is my space.
Check it out....

Girls get together!

I am constantly hearing lots of negative comments about the internet.. people online so much more these days, Facebook etc. Now I will agree to a certain point. I do find the younger generation are on it no matter what and I do fear that they lose their interest to get outside and do the active things in life.... as this is often forgotten when everything is right at your fingertips.
But I do have to say that since I have been scrapping which is 5 years now, I have met some amazing girls. It is so nice to become friends when you have such a massive passion in common. I did meet a girl a while back. We are a clone of each other and the best thing was that we both just looove to scrap. It makes your friendship so healthy and exciting when you each share the dedication and involvement that you have put into a layout.
I have also met a gorgeous girl online. We have been chatting since we met(online) and that has been about 5 months now. We were on the same Design Team but even though I stopped designing for them now Tarrah and I still are in regular contact. Only a few weeks ago we decided we wanted to meet one another so she booked her flights to come up and stay for a good long scrapbooking weekend. She living in Central NSW. We are very excited about meeting. I have also got another couple of gorgeous girls who I met about 3 months ago in Brisbane. They also talk to Tarrah online so we are all going to get together at my house and have a great girly weekend.
I will take Tarrah to my LSS Daisy Chain Scrapbooks here in Nambour and scrap til we drop on the Friday night. Off to the beach, lunch, coffee, sqeeeeeeze in a bit of shopping Saturday morning and then down to the serious scrapping Saturday just after lunch til late ours of the Sunday morning.
I have a huge house and plenty of room for we will have a blast.
Girly time is the best!!!!

Saturday, May 15, 2010

In this layout I have used the lovely Little Yellow Bicycle Clothesline range. Go over and check it all out. The range is simply divine. I also the green strip of PP from Basic Grey - Nook and Pantry range, and a bit of the Basic Grey Sugar Rush range. I have had these a couple of years. They are cardstock flocked stickers and are gorgeous to use. The black glittery alph stickers are American Craft Thickers - Rockabye. Oh and the gorgeous butterflies are stamps from The Darkroom Door.
Nice and simple layout.
Hope your are having a great weekend and not up to toooooo much.. This is so the time to take a chill pill and relax.
See you
Moonie x

Heidi and I

I had great fun putting this layout together of the wonderful Heidi Swapp. I went to see her in Brisbane and spent the day with a heap of other girls learning all the techniques using Glimmer Mist.. and then of course Heidi put together a beautiful book which we all made following her step by step instructions. She is such a normal, beautiful, funny, crazy, loving Mum, wife and daughter, that it is this that makes her so much more gorgeous... if you know where I am coming from. There are no false things about her, she will mix with the crowd, stand there and get a photo taken with whoever asks.. and we all did and she was just so happy to stand and smile for every single one of us..
So nice to see in such a successful person so down to earth.

I had great enjoyment putting this layout together. I have used the new Fancy Pants Road Show printed paper. It is just so delightful. I love all the colors in this range. They are feminine and there are some which can look quite rustic too.
Thanks for looking x

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Here is the luscious Heidi Swapp and I in Brisbane on Saturday. I had the best day learning so much about the Glimmer Mist and also did a gorgeous book for my Mum for Mothers Day which I cannot post until she has received it as she is stalking my Facebook profile and my blog incase she gets to see it first before it arrives..
Heidi is such a sweetheart.. she is truly a down to earth Business woman, Mum, Wife and friend. I love her even more for all these reasons. There is just no doubt about how cool you are Heidi!!!
Moonie x

My creativity flowed with this layout using the most gorgeous feminine Clothesline range from Little Yellow Bicycle. There is such a gorgeous range of printed papers and decorative edge cardstock and lots more. Go to their site and check it out. I have also included my cheeky wee bird from Cosmo Cricket, Prima flowers, Making Memories lettering which is ever so cute and a bit of thread to show up the shape I have cut out using the Clothesline paper.
This is a very cute girl we met at Byron Bay on our holiday. We were there five minutes and Corey made friends with her and her brother. They played great for the 4 days they were there and whats better is that they are from the Sunshine Coast too. Only 4 minutes down the road from us... Bizarre.
See you later on.. off to the gym to get some fat off, then off to lunch to put it back on.. Go figure?? hahaha
Moonie x

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

We went to Byron Bay for 5 days in our caravan last week. Ken does an ocean swim race here the same time each year and I love going there. We have our van right on the beach and it is the most relaxing place I know. Once you get there we walk everywhere, go swimming all day on the beautiful beach, shop til you drop, go to the famous fabulous markets which are outstanding and go back down on to the beach about 4.30pm for drinkie poos on the beach again.
This is the stunning look out at Byron. I walked up there from our van a few times. It was about ten km but a great walk.
Til next time..
Moonie x
I have been too busy to enjoy my little life that I love... sometimes a spanner is thrown in the works it is hard... I hate it.. but this is life...
We have opened up or new Camera House store and I am working two full days a week in there. I do enjoy it but I have been working at our bigger store full days to get to know all of what I have to learn faster as this is a much busier shop. I tell you.. I have not worked in retail for 5 years and man... people are such .. umm what is a nice way to put such arrogant, impatient, nasty people... mmm well you get my message. People are so sadly rude and want everything yesterday and are not willing to wait one more minute to be served. If it is not happening for them right there and then, they get angry and it is so sad to see. And it is not the young ones that are like this.
I notice this while I am driving on the road also. People are in such a hurry and have no patience.
Anyway, enough of that, I have so missed my scrapping life and the feeling of being content.. I know it is a matter of time and this will pass and I will be happy working these two days.. but for now I'm not. I will be looking forward to scrapping at Daisys on Friday night again with my girls who I miss a lot.
Will be going for a browse tonight through some of your blogs x
Love always
Moonie x

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

A2Z Scraplets May 2010 Sketch Challenge ...

Sketch for May 2010

(Sketch by Little Bank of Sketches - Catherine Little)

The Rules:
You need to create a layout based on the sketch above.
Its open to your own interpretation, but it must be recognisable.
One entry per person.
You do not have to use Scraplets on your layout BUT if you have some in your stashes, feel free to put them on your page.
This competition is open to EVERYONE!!

How To Enter:
Email your layout
by 31st May, 2010
Please make sure images are re-sized to max of 600x600 pixels and no larger that 200kb,
and that you name the file with your name.

The Prizes:
There are 3 prizes up for grabs.
Each prize is a mystery pack of Scraplets.
First prize is selected as the "judges choice".
Second & Third prize will be selected via random prize draws.
You have to be in it to win it, so what are you waiting for !!