Friday, July 26, 2013

Shouting from the rooftops !!

After keeping everyone in suspense for 2 long days.. I can now let out my secret and share the news that I have been chosen to be part of the Life Paper Scrapbook - Project Life Design Team.  I will be working along with the awesome Lisa Wilkinson, Bernii Miller and Aimee Dow.  I'm sure these girls are just as excited to get going as I am.  Very keen to get started to make sure you pop over and see what we are all up to.

I have just come home from my week away with my girl.  Feeling very sad as I miss her.. but is nice to be rewarded with this wonderful news.  I took so many photos while I was with her.. She kept saying.. Why are you taking a photo of that MUM?? I just kept answering Project Life... Project Life.. ... she stopped asking me after a day.. I think she gets it.. I still think she thinks I'm mad. LOL

Night night to you all
Have a great weekend. I am back at work for the whole weekend.... All things must come to an end.

Moonie x

Thursday, July 25, 2013

Me and my girl

Currently I am on a 6 day break up north to spend with my girl.  I miss her so much and life just gets in the way of us spending time together when we are about 1500km apart from each other.  Life is tough and this is one of my challenges every day..Being away from her.  But as the story goes.. you have to let them go and let them spread their wings just like I did when I was 19.  I decided to move to Australia.  I told my Mum and no one believed me.  6 weeks later I left them all bawling their eyes out at the airport (including myself) LOL

My son Corey was very disappointed that he couldn't join me but this had to purely be a break for both of us just to do girly things together with no limits.
A week before I flew up she told me she has written up an itinerary for our holiday.  She has planned every day what we are doing but I was not to know what was on it until I stepped off the plane.  She then put on Facebook 2 days before I flew up here 6 clues on our itinerary.. 6 random pictures that were meant to relate to what we had on that day..It was fun.. I guessed one out of 6 clues.
Day 1 we went to her Dads place who was having a big get together Pig on the spit for dinner.. It was divine with all the roasted veges too.

 we went shopping and then went to Body Balance together.  This was my first time and I loved it.  Was very soothing for my back.
Day 2 she took me to her boot camp on the beach.. An hour of intense exercise and commando crawls through the sand.  After that we went to Squeeze Me health kiosk here in Townsville and had a mighty healthy breakfast with all the ingredients I have never heard of.  It was divine.
We caught up with a few movies too at home which I just loved.. I never ever get to watch movies.. She is the movie buff.

Day 3 she pulled me out of bed at 5.30 and we climbed Castle Hill in Townsville.  Was beautiful when we got to the top.  She loves her exercise now which is great.. as I have loved it most of my adult life.  So nice to now do it together.  That night Danielle had bought tickets for us to go to a live theatre comedy show.  I have never been to one so once again it was great to do something that my girl enjoys.

Day 4 we went over to Magnetic Island.  This was awesome.. we caught the ferry from Townsville and it was only 20 min on the ferry.  When we got off we hired two scooters for the day.  Zoey and Maurice were their names. lol
We rode around the island all day and checked out all the bays.  Just gorgeous. We had fun along the way taking lots of snap shot, did a 6km hill climb up to check out the forts, went to another bay for lunch, went up many hills nearly pushing our scooters.. lol was full of fun all day.
We come home and slept like babies.

Day 5 is today and she had us booked in for a Hot Stones full body massage.  This was unreal and so nice to have after our hiking and boot camps.  I must say I felt a bit guilty for spending that sort of money on myself but it was worth it. We only live once don't we.

Did a bit of shopping today and then home for the rest of the day.  I am teaching Danielle how to sew.  We are making a dress.  Talk about funny.  OMG. I need my Mum I think.  My Mum Sue is the sewer!! She is brilliant.  I have just reminded myself that I hate sewing clothes but love sewing projects like quilts and all things you don't have to wear and make to fit.
But she has proven to herself and I that she has got the knack.   I bought a beautiful sewing machine for her 21st last year. I think every girl needs a sewing machine.  The only thing she has sewn in 15 months is her partners hole in his socks.  He cant seem to get his toes in his socks anymore LOL

So.. off back home to reality tomorrow.  Working the whole weekend but that's ok.  I miss my boys and they miss me so it will be nice to get home.  But I will be very sad when I am sitting in my seat on the plane wondering when I will see her again.

Thanks for stopping in and checking up on what I am up to.  Back into Project Life when I get home. I cant wait.
Til then .. 
Moonie x

Sunday, July 7, 2013

Moonies Retreat... to be continued

We all had a great night... Lucky we got in 7 hours of fun..
These girls are so much fun to be around.. make me laugh til I cry and are full of inspiration..
To be continued at Tex's place soon.  But sadly I won't be able to make it.

Monika flying through the weeks of her Project Life album.  This girl is so full of talent it is amazing!!

We are all proud of Mel as she was only up to Week 3 and she flew through about 4 weeks just this friday night.. Now she is on a roll .. tonight I expect her to be up to week 23 LOL

Sadly no photo of Tex as she was the one taking the mug shots

 I am sad we all had to end the weekend with my illness. I was so on a roll and having a great time.. but at least I will get my problem sorted ... off to the Doctors from Ultrasound in the morning.
Luv Moonie x

Week 23 ...... and a little bit more

Slowly getting there but I must admit I am not stressing so much over being up to date as I just cannot get there.. so one page at a time.
I have found lots of yummy papers lately I am adding to my pages and I love my flair buttons and wooden veneers.  So cute.
Here is my Week 23 LHS page.. I am half way through my Week 23 RHS page until something happened..
To be continued:
but for now.. here are my inserts and page for the LHS

Love my Amy Tans "&" stamp.. so cute

Love this stamp that my friend Tex (Melissa Walden) shared with me

So glad I have finally got these inserts I ordered from Craft House in NZ.  But sadly they took 3 months to arrive.. At least I know I can now get there in Australia.
They are great for full on weeks or special occasions where you have more photos you want to add.

so this is as far as I got when.... I wen to bed at midnight with a sore belly. This has been going on for about 6 weeks.. Pains in the belly and the rest you don't need to know about.. but it got that bad about 2am that it woke me up. By 6am I was vomiting and could not stop.  The pains were excruciating and my husband called the ambulance.  They hooked me up to morphine and a fluid drip.  I spent 11 hours in hospital.. Had a CT scan where they picked up that I have fluid on the abdomen. Not sure what this is but this is what has been causing such pain my my belly.  I slept all that night and most of the day today.  I have a Doc appointment first up in the morning and then I have chosen to see a Naturopath at 12pm. I am pretty sure there has been a change in my body with food or fluid of some sort.  I will go and see what test results come up from the Naturopath anyway.
So not so happy in my little world atm but will get better very very soon.  I don't like being kept down. I have too much to do x
Til next time....
Keep smiling.. 

Monday, July 1, 2013

Project Life Update

After a great weekend away in Brisbane at the Paper Craft show life has been full on back at work.  Lots of exciting new stock coming in and wool wool wool.. I baa like a sheep in my sleep I am putting so much wool on our shelves at work.  It is selling like there is no tomorrow.  I cannot believe how many girls are crocheing now.  It's so great to see.  My girlfriend Mel has started up our own crochet group together.  She is amazing and can create anything you throw at her.
I am currently tongiht up to week 23 in my Project Life.  Still 4 weeks behind.. but I just cannot seem to catch up.  It doesnt worry me.  I just keep plodding along and enjoy the journey.
I bought Becky Higgins Honey Core Kit.  Love love love it.. So easy and funky to use.

Here are my pages I have just completed.  

Thanks for popping in.. I love looking at everyone elses PL pages too. There are so many inspiring girls out there creating this year.  
Til next week..... see you then and be happy!!!!
Moonie x