Thursday, April 29, 2010

This was Corey's room three weeks ago. Hours after Danielle left for Townsville and moved out of her room, I was an utter mess. I couldn't stand seeing her room empty so I moved Corey into her room that same day. This was his room and I had a need right away to revamp it in color. Danielle and I do both love bright colors but you would be suprised as the rest of my home is very neutral with a splash or red and lime. So yes this room is full of love and happiness. I painted this simple canvas to go in with the doona.
So if you wish to come and stay with me... this is your room x
Night night for now... still looking for my mojo.. :-(
Moonie girl x

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Yippeee... back online... gee that is a shocking feeling to not be able to blog or keep in touch with all you great people out there... I have two layouts to post so will be back asap x

Sunday, April 25, 2010

It's sort of happening..

I lost my scrapping mojo after my lovely two weeks away over seas. I did not step into my room for a week when I got back. I have also been a bit quiet and not interested due to the fact that my girl is no longer living here at home with me.. so I have had other creative things on my mind. I could not stand the look of Danis empty room the day she left the Sunshine Coast. So within just hours I moved Corey into her room. Her room is lovely and huge with a view of the water canal. I have now got Corey's room as the guests room. I made it up with the doona of mine and looked at it and thought...yuk.. I need some picking up.. so i went out and bought a lovely bright colored doona, cushions to match, a funky lamp and side table. I am at the moment painting a canvas to hang above the bed in colors to match. So yes, the groove for me scrapping this past week have been out the window.
But as I was hoping, I did do a layout on Friday night at Daisy's where I normally do have lots of inspiration. I put together this one of Ken on his working week in Mt Isa. I just love these Mamma Razzi printed papers by Bo Bunny. They are so different and have a gorgeously masculine look about them. So many nice papers in the range it was hard to use just a bit.
I do love this layout of our very special day. I have used the lovely Lush range. They have a lot of beautiful papers and embellies out. Go here and check them out. I really enjoyed using a few more photos in this layout. Nice for a change and it's great to use up more than 2 or 3 photos on one layout. Very simple layout but thats the way I wanted it.

I hope you all had a lovely Anzac Day today. Today was the first time in 6 years that I have not attended a Dawn Service. We normally all go out on our motor bikes to the Service at Tewantin.
Take care and love to you all out there.
Moonie x

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

My Little Yellow Bicycle

Have your eyes met the new My Little Yellow Bicycle Range yet? It is called Fresh Print Clothesline Range and it is simply delicious. Such eye candy girls....Like a fresh spring breeze, comfortable colors and a sprinkling of soft textures will simply delight you. It is very much me and I cannot wait to get my hands on the range... which is Friday night. Off to my LSS for our crop night. I love these nights. I must say I have lost my mojo since being home from holidays.. still looking.. looked under the desk, in the cuboards, in my laundry even in the garage.. I am hoping I left it at Daisy's the last time I was there.. so hopefully I will be able to just pick it up on Friday night and get cracking with this delightful range.

Night night for now..
Moonie x

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Well I have been home for 4 days now and I have been spending so much time on surfing through all the lovely blogs I love to read, but sadly I have not blogged myself. I haven't gone into my scrapping room at all. Feel like I have lost my mojo.. still looking, under the table, in the cuboard, even emailed my friends to ask if they have taken it... but I'm sure by Friday night at my local Scrapping shop I will be in first gear ready to go. I have lots of new photos from our holiday, but I think I have been so tired from our traveling that I have just taken the opportunity to be slack and be happy being slack. Nice to have a break.
Life is pretty quiet in the Webb house now. Even though my girl was not noisy, it seems awefully empty without her around. We used to keep each other company late at night as she is a night owl like her Mumma too. But at least we still chat at night.
So hopefully Friday night I will create something nice that I can post on Saturday.
I must say I am enjoying having some nice time at home. I joined the Gym yesterday so I plan to go every day til Friday week which is the day my friend and I head to Brisbane to see Heidi on the Saturday, then down to Byron Bay for 3 days after. I'm hoping to drop 7kg and get toned and fit again. If you don't exercise nothing changes, and I want changes, so here I go!!!!
Love to you all out there.
Moonie girl x

Saturday, April 17, 2010

So nice to be back on familiar ground..... we are simply blessed here in Australia. Sometimes we all take everything for granted and just want more and the best.... but you should see it over in the other world!! They have next to nothing and all live in a room the size of our lounge and they all just keep smiling and cannot please us enough.
I feel soo fortunate for the life I have been given. Just lost for words.
Can't wait to get up to date with you all and all your gorgeous creations that you have been doing while I have not been. I myself cannot wait to get my hands dirty and back into it.. and also I am busting at the seams to see MISS HEIDI SWAPP in just two weeks. Have booked a room for the night in Brisbane with my girlfriend so we can chill out down there the day before.
Hugs to you all out there...
Moonie x

Saturday, April 3, 2010

Teresa Collins

I love sitting here for hours blogging on the nights I decide not to scrap. I have been going through my favorite blogs and I have just come across Teresa Collins new Travel Ledger Range.
Ohhhh my oh my.. it is simply devine. I could use so much of these papers... I'm feeling like a bit of a glutton. But hey... I don't think I would be the only glutton when it comes to purchasing printed papers.

Saying Goodbye

Well today my best girl packed up her car and her bestie and her other friend and said Goodbye to the Sunshine Coast. She has a week or so on the road.. up to Cairns from here and will be living in Townsville in a week. She has a transfer in her job so that is secure for her which is great. She will go and live with her Dad until Bonnie moves down from Cairns and then they will go and rent their first house together. She is very excited about her new adventures in life.. we have texted each other all day and they have booked into a motel in Bundy for the night. First time for this as well so they are very excited. Mummy on the other hand is far from excited. Of course I am very happy for her as she was so not happy down here. All she wanted to do was go back up north. We left there 4 years ago in June. But I have never felt this hollow, empty, sad, quiet, lonely, teary or devistated. I'm sure this feeling is normal, but we have the most closest bond a Mum and Daughter can have. We are mad together, act the goat, dress up and take photos and basically just love to be on our own away from everyone. I have never ever had any problem with her with attitude, drugs, alcohol, boys.... she is untidy in her room to the max... and this is it!! She is the dream daughter. She has so much respect for me and cares about my feeling. This is a huge thing I taught her from the beginning. If you respect people you will always forever in your life... be respected in return. She has learned that lesson well. We are off to Singapore in just over 24 hours for 12 days. I'm hoping this will perk me up a tad.. and that I won't be so teary. I will be a life change for me. I know it will. I can only wait for the time that it is easier to deal with. Thanks for listening.. reading.. I needed to journal it. Love always Moonie girl x

Roadshow cards

Roadshow strips

I just can't get enough of these Fancy Pants papers..! This is the new Road Trip Collection and I am in love with it. There is something just so special about Fancy Pants PP. Just so beautiful. These cards and strips are full of lovely vintage designs, beautiful quotations and sentiments so are perfect for so many paper craft projects.

Friday, April 2, 2010

A2Z Sketch Challenge for April

... A NEW Month means a NEW Challenge. Due to popular demand, we are sticking to the sketch challenges.

The Sketch for April 2010

A2Z April  Sketch Challenge
(Sketch by Liz Qualman)

The Rules:
You need to create a layout based on the sketch above.

Its open to your own interpretation, but it must be recognisable.
One entry per person.
You do not have to use Scraplets on your layout BUT if you have some in your stashes, feel free to put them on your page.
This competition is open to EVERYONE!!
So click here and check out the submission details @ A2Z Scraplets. And good luck girls..

They live off one anothers Love!

Well as I predicted there were many tears when these girls spotted each other at the airport. They pushed and shoved through the crowd to bear hug one another. They are the best of friends and are soo accepting of one another in every single way. They move the same, dance the same, have THEIR favorite songs, have their own dance routines to their favorite songs, and are soo good for each other.
They will go and live together in September. First time out of home for both of them. Danielle has her bed, lounge suite and a fry pan.. Bonnie..... the blondie babe.... well lets just say Bonnie has clothes... and stilettos and handbags..!! LOL I told her she has to start saving for potato peelers and rubbish bins and a vacuum cleaner... No wonder she looked at me oddly!!!
I am happy they are ready to spread their wings and begin the life they are so looking forward to living.. I will just miss my soul mate. But yep..... many cheap flights up North now.
Thanks for all your well wishes on my good fortune with my submissions being accepted and the lovely comments on my work. You all keep me inspired.
Happy Easter..
Moonie x

Thursday, April 1, 2010

Here she comes!

This is our Bonnie girl that is flying down tomorrow to drive up North with my Danielle. They have 1400 kms to drive together and there is one more blonde going too. They have the car packed and most of it is clothes and sunnies. Bless their wee hearts. They also have 3 matching sun straw hats that they bought for their road trip. Bonnie and Danielle are moving in together about September this year in Townsville... They are inseparable and just laugh and act the goat 24/7. You are looking at one true friendship. Every girl needs a bestie I believe. We have warned Bonnie to be wearing her crash helmet and knee pads because when we see her at the airport tomorrow she is going to get knocked down from our bear hugs!!! See ya Moonie x

Quote of the Day

Love Quote Pictures, Images and Photos

So Excited!!!

I have just received an acceptance email this morning from Memory Makers. They are publishing a new magazine which is called Memory Makers Gallery Book. It will be released in May 2011 and they have chosen one or more of my layouts that I submitted to be published in their magazine. They are based in Cincinnati, OH.
This is great stuff for me as it gives me more confidence in my work and to keep going and going.
Everyone has their own big and small dreams... This is one of mine. I would love to get published in some magazines... just for my own satisfaction. I love what I do and I am so totally passionate about scrapping. Ever since I was a little girl I was always stalking the stationery isle at Woolworths or could never go past a book shop or anywhere that sold smelly rubbers, coloured pens and note pads... oooh I could not ever get enough of them. I loved Art at school and was always the arty farty one in our family.
So that's it for me right now.
I have the day off, so I have made a cheese cake to take to my LSS tonight for our before Easter all night crop, I have got a lovely chicken and bacon with pesto and cashew nuts pasta ready for dinner tonight, caught up on my blogs, done my housework and now I am about to go for a ride to that lovely cafe just down on the water for a well earned cappucino.
So thanks for letting me share this great news with you.
Til then next post....
Love Moonie x