Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Catching up...

Lately I haven't had much time to do much else but my Project Life kits.. I have been loving doing them and each and every month I am selling out which is fantastic.. I didn't expect such a great response so than you all who like to get some happy mail once a month.
I have put a couple of weeks in here to share with you.  
When I first started PL (2.5 years ago) I found it so frustrating.  I felt like my work was not blending and matching like you do in a 12x12 layout.. I found it so hard to match papers up with such different coloured photos.... then one day the penny dropped.  you don't always have to have everything matching for it to look great.  I do like to do a colour palette sometimes.. and I enjoy it .. but most weeks I love to just go with what feels right for the photo..   So if this is you, just remember you don't have to be pedantic .  

My BFF and I ... love this girl

Not much news to catch up on.  I am looking forward to some new PL products to come out.  Has been a while.  And papers.. I love papers and am on the lookout for new papers all the time to cut up and use instead of cards all the time.
Good night for now
Take care
Moonie x