Monday, July 30, 2012

Way out West

Long over due for a girly weekend away.  Sadly my friend Monika couldn't end up coming due to stupid virus and head cold.. We went out to Warwick to a great girls place who often comes to our retreats @ Daisy Chain Scrapbooks.  Kim is a great girl and has an amazingly cute family.
There were 5 of us.  Lisa Hayes and I drove out the Esk way and belly laughed all the way.  We stopped off at Esk to this gorgeous quaint Qlder house which was a really neat cafe.  We had home made cauliflower and bacon soup.  To die for.
We arrived there on Friday and had the best weekend.  I did not do one layout but created about 15 cards.  So I have caught up on my card stash for now.

From back left is Lisa Hayes (AKA Moooo), Me (AKA Moonie), Kimmeeeee herself, then in the front left is Alaine and then Sheree.

We had way too much food, enjoyed a few drinks at night, ate dinner late cause we could, went to the local markets on Sunday morning.

Here is the cute cafe which is a Qlder home where we had lunch in Esk... Mmmmm
Apparently they have the best ever coffee too.

The beautiful church I fell in love with.  Soo pretty in real life.

Nice to get away.. but so nice to get home.  I miss my hubby so much when I go away... and my son... well he is just the best... I had dinner cooked for me when I got home and a nice hot bath ready..
Thats all for me right now.
Off to finish my Masters work x

Sunday, July 22, 2012

Strawberry Picking ..... mmmmmm

It was so nice to have the day off today.  I have been working heaps atm as we are down a few staff members.  I got to sleep in, get all my housework and washing done, went and took Corey to Aussie world but it was closing soon after we there, then we went and picked some deliciously juicy local strawberries.  Corey loves this.  I loved just hanging out with them and not rushing to do anything except be together.  

Im pretty happy with these photos today.. I am slowly getting used to my camera.  It's not a hugely technical camera... LOL but I loved my Panasonic Lumix one which I had for nearly 4 years.  This is a wee bit different as you get your depth of field and macro nicely but its a matter of knowing what you are doing too.  I'll just keep playing.
I hope you all had a great weekend.  
I have finished 2.5 projects out of 4 of my SBM Masters for 2012 so I'm pretty happy so far.  Will go and do a bit more tonight.
Love to all 
Moonie x

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

No time!

Well geez I cannot believe how fast time flies.  I have just had 10 days on my own while my boys did a camping, fishing and boating trip right up the top of Australia with 3 other days and 3 other sons.  They went to Kurumba and had freshly caught salmon and snapper and cod for dinner most nights finishing off with a few toasted marshmallows off the beach bon fire they had each night.  You would think I would sit back and chill out and enjoy the time out for myself but I worked 8 days out of the 10 and I had my fav second family stay with me for the other two.  I did the house work the night before they left and it was hilarious each morning as I would wake up to the same clean plate and coffee cup I had used the night before ... I reused it again the next night.. bla bla bla.... My groceries for the ten days cost me $48 and I had one load of washing.. Bliss... I was able to get home from work at 6pm have a shower, and get straight into bed with a bowl of yogurt and fruit for dinner, turn on the TV, crack open my macbook, plug in my iPhone and I was set in and comfy for a night alone...But in saying all of that I was stuffed from work, and I enjoyed the time that I could take advantage of just feeling lazy.  I must admit I spent a few hours just pondering over interest.. which I never get to do.
I have also been knitting.. I have got 57 squares of my crochet blanket done... and Im a bit bored with it so I have decided to put it aside just for now and have a change of wool and needles.. so I have started to knit a cool Hoodie zip up jacket with pockets for myself... It is very cool and is as soft as a babys bum.  Not sure if I will get it finished this winter.. don't care if I do either.. Im just enjoying knitting it.  I haven't knitted anything for 15 years.  Then I will pick up the hook again and finish my remaining approx 80 squares I need to have to have a complete blanket for my boys.
Along with this I have started my work for the Masters 2012.  Im going to give it another shot.  3rd year... but 2 years with honours so that is cool.  I love the challenge.. but I must admit this year Im a bit fuzzy headed as I have to do a canvas..... So the ideas I have are sooo unlimited... I am not quite sure where to start.  I have some great ideas.... but will keep sketching as I gather my thoughts.
Anyway.... I am off to do something or one of the above....
Love my nights to myself to do my creative stuff
Love to all you girls who read my blog
Moonie... xxx

Just a few pics to share with you.... Photos tell so many stories.... this is why I love to photograph and scrap 

My bestist mate Corey....x

 The perfect sign I sit next to most mornings in my favourite cafe in Mooloolaba

 Two of my most favourite people in the world... These guys are amazing.  We all lived in Mackay years ago and have been besties for 15 years ..... I have been there for the birth of their first two children and I was let off for their last.. as we were on our honeymoon LOL.  You guys are the perfect example of True beautiful friends that no matter what happens in your life.... up or down.. they love you for who you are...

 Nachos at our house.... BTW... the house was turned upside down this night... Hahahahah we had a ball.. Even got me playing hand ball inside.. I mean.. foot ball.

 My gorgeous girls Bella and Charlie

 Friends forever.... We not forgetting about you Mandy girl. xxx We looooooove you too

 Not sure why but Liz loves this one of our uggies

Fun times which I treasure with all my heart 
Moonie x