Thursday, March 5, 2015

LOVING GOLD right now

In between doing my monthly Project Life kits... I love to put together my own weekly spread using bits and pieces that I just pick up out of my stash.  I am in love with the gold effect on my pages and have done so for a long time now.  But they are bringing gold out in so many beautiful forms I just can't ever say no.  Below is the LHS of my Week 5 (which I have to add to my card).

A nice mixture of cards and embellishments here this week.
After a huge week at work... and a ten hour day today and a 9 hr one tomorrow I have to clock off.
Night night and have a fantastic weekend. 
Thanks for popping over to my blog.
Moonie x

Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Flutterby Designs and my gorgeous girl

As you may have read in my last post I have been loving using the new release products NOTE TO SELF from Flutterby Designs.  It is so nice to be able to do a spread like this as it is a change from my weekly pages.  I dedicated these cards to my daughter who turns 24 next month.  She lives 1400km away from me so distance is certainly a problem for us.  But every photo of her I cherish. I love this page I put together.  It is all so her.
Danielle is a burlesque dancer and does Ariel silk ribbon dancing.  She loves doing her performances on the hoop.
Make sure you pop over to Flutterby Designs to see all Anita's yummies over there.

 That's all my friends.. until next time... keep reading, posting and getting creative
Moonie x

Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Flutterby Designs new release - NOTE TO SELF

If you dont already know ..... I design for Anita over @ Flutterby Designs.  This online store has a tone of delicious flairs, wood veneers, Project Life cards, tabs, you name it she has got it.  All in amazing fun colours and quotes to suit any card or scrapbooking layout you desire.
Last week I excitedly and impatiently waited by the letter box for 2 days waiting for my stash of the new Collection NOTE TO SELF.   It arrived in perfect time for my Project Life retreat I held for a handful of my friends here on the coast.
This was me waiting happily.....

Until the postie just tooted at me and waved.... I wanted to knock him off his happy scooter lol.  I then had to wait another 24 hours for my goodies.

 But then today I wanted to cuddle the postie .... lol

Anyone here seeing these photos would think I had bipolar lol.... But I really dont.  Just that my moods change depending on the mail man.

Go here and check out the gorgeous new wood veneer words.. they are amazing and I just looooove the I <3 be="" font="" going="" im="" in="" life="" next="" one="" or="" project="" so.="" soo="" the="" this="" to="" too.="" using="" week="">

Below and on a few cards I have used the yummy tabs.  Flutterbys do many gorgeous little PAGE TABS to add to any page or pocket.  They are the perfect little embelli.  The LOVE OUR LIFE circle is actually from a Flutterbys card but my head was thinking just this part of the circle was just perfect for the title of this card of me and my two little beauties.  My life wouldn't be the same not having them in it.

On this little pocket below I have used my stamps willy nilly.. I love my stamps.. I love using them and creating my own little card.  I have also adhered Flutterbys WOOD VENEER CIRCLES. The are so cute and are a nice different element on the page. You will find them here.

This is another little NOTE TO SELF card I have used.. Perfect for the self pocket or if you are doing a page on someone else special which is always nice to do and add into your album.  The cute EVERYDAY WOOD VENEER is a Thin Maple Wood veneer and they are so easy to use.  Thin as card stock and adhere perfectly with double sided tape.

The pocket below I have once again cut out the I AM ENOUGH quote from Flutterbys NOTE TO SELF.  I love it.  I have also added the chevron flair and one of my favorite tabs on the left hand side.

This is definitely one of my favorite NOTE TO SELF CARDS... It is just perfect for all of us out there!!!  I have just added a little floral paper which I put through my cuttlebug using the little girl die.  I think its all kinda cute.

So make sure you pop on over to Flutterbys and see their massive selection of stunning embellishments.. You will have fun shopping.  And expect your happy mail in only a few days.

Night night to you all.
Just finished work so I am going to get some well needed beauty sleep.
Love you all
Moonie x

Friday, February 13, 2015

And off we go..... Twenty 15 Album started !!

Good morning everyone.. I am back at work this week after a long 9 weeks off after my shoulder surgery.  All going well so far.  I hope my cortisone injection holds up tho.  I am like walking on eggshells hoping to not get any pain at all.
I have been thinking about my title page for weeks.  I liked my last years one but I wanted to go away from my favorite tiffany blue colour this time and not sue black and white photos like I did last year.
Nice to change it around.  Gold is one of my favorite colours and has been for over 12 months now. So I wanted to put this in.  I really wanted to ouse the photo of Ken and I down the bottom which was our 2014 Christmas Day photo.  This is what prompted me for the gold colour.  It works in really well.  So I went from there.

Below I have used an overlay which was great to have the pop of colour.

I just adore this fussy cut out from Flutterby Designs.  I have inked it up with my lovely gold ink and cut of these words from Crate Paper.

Us - the investor and the creator.. we work so so well together. I love my man so dearly.

And the mixture of us - our boy Corey.. Amazing and so intelligent ... Love this kid.  The gold card is from Becky Higgins Lovely kit and a Heidi Swapp overlay.

Ohhh look what I found in my stash of frames.. a lovely Crate Paper gold one.  The gold writing underneath is a beautiful transparent overlay 12x12 sheet.  It is so sweet and nice for an add in to any pocket.

Thanks for stopping in today.. I have the day off so doing a bit of coffee and socialising and then out to see this FIFTY SHADES OF GRAY tonight for a hens night.. Dinner and drinks before... Im not that excited about the movie.  I have heard it has been rated with a 2 lol
Ohhh dear.
Bye for now..
Keep smiling and be happy.. Life is amazing.. and we are free!!!
Moonie x

Thursday, February 5, 2015

Feeling amazing

Well on this lovely note on this fine (well dull rainy but relaxing Thursday) I would like to jot down that I had a cortisone injection in my shoulder after such a nasty 8 weeks of trying to recover after surgery.. and it has freed me up something amazing.. I am so so happy that I listened to my body and went to my surgeon. I have got a nasty thing called frozen shoulder.. this can unfortunately happen after surgery. I have not been able to move my shoulder or do my rehab exercises due to it freezing up. Steve gave me one nasty needle Monday morning then he asked me to lift my arm as I did 3 minutes earlier. I felt like a free bird. My face lifted andy he sadness and pain left me. I have been great since Monday and I am feeling like a new woman. I think I am ready to go back to work.. on light duties.. I am so grateful I feel like my normal Moonie again. Pain is shocking.. I feel for anyone suffering from any sort of pain. Last night I went over to my lovely friends place in the stunning Glasshouse Mountains.. Kirsty Blinston is an amazing Mummy to Five and it doesnt stop there. She is one person who every single day amazes me. Kirsty took up traditional Project Life last year after seeing how I do my pages.. BUT... she also does it digi too. Yes.. she has 2 albums.. Her digi work is to die for and amazing.. You will find her work quiet outstanding.. so much to see. Last night we brain stormed for about 4 hours and Kirsty gave my blog a new make over. Im so happy with it. Was indeed time for a change. A new look is always nice and fresh. Our son went to camp on Monday morning.. He is not the one to rush off and cant wait to get away from us. He is quite the opposite to be precise. He was sobbing quietly on my shoulder about not wanting to go. I know it is a separation thing for him.. but I also know that he loves it when he is there and we are out of sight. The night before my DH suggested we take off in the camper van just the two of us as we never ever get time out on our own. During the day if I have the day off but over night and two nights??? It's just unheard of. So DH packed up the camper van the morning I took Corey to school. We didn't tell him we we were going.. that would have blown it for sure.. We took off to this lovely remote part of the Hinterland. A place called Mount Tamborine. It was a lovely quiet caravan park in the bush and just a little township. The weather was perfect and the time out for us was delightful. We didn't do much except be together and go for a few bush walks, photos, tried to perfect my new selfie stick I got for Christmas, had lunch and organic coffee, and a scrumptious piece of steak and mushrooms, cherry tomatoes and zucchini on the BBQ for dinner. Asleep at 8.30pm. Bliss.
I had a bit of fun playing with my camera while I had the whole bush to myself.
I love that I was able to catch the sunlight in the background.


This was a vintage furniture store.. All I could say was OMG... LOL

My beautiful friend who sat with us every evening while I was having a drink.

In at the Botanical Gardens.

3 metres from our camper van.


Ken in his glory setting up camp for us both.. He loves to look after me out here as I am not the biggest camper.. I do glamping.. not camping lol

I have my few home comforts.

Now I am back at home I am excited to get back into my Project Life weeks. I am up to Week 3 and need to do my title page for twenty 15.' Anyway that's it for now.. I will post some photos of my coming weeks soon x Love and hugs Moonie x

Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Making Progress for Twenty 15

Well I have been off work for 6 weeks now due to my shoulder surgery.. Its going ok.. just ok.  I didn't realise how long it would take but thats probably because I am not the most patient person when it comes to being restricted in what I do each day.  It has been a huge test for me.. frustrating and many tears but I am learning to be patient and let my body recover in its own time.  There is no possible way of speeding up the recovery.  Now that I am ok with that.. I am a bit more relaxed.  It took me about 4 weeks tho.  So then Monday I go and walk into my dining table leg and break my middle toe.  Such a dork.  Stupid table.. Not sure who put the dumb thing there????  Mmmmmm words were a bit more harsher than that under my breath.
Below is me having my weekly rehab on my shoulder.. Very painful and not nice at all having to exercise my shoulder muscles.. but I have to so I dont get frozen shoulder.   This procedure below is called Dry needles. Ouuuchies.

This was the day we got home.. Ken and Corey packed up the caravan in this weather.. then we started to get flooded at home.. Thank goodness this is all we got.. Our 3 tanks filled and overflowed so that is a massive bonus for us for the next many months.  I love the rain.. I just cant get enough of it.  Crazy I know lol

I have been asked for a long time now to do up my Project Life pages as kits.  So I thought now is probably a good time for me to start.  I have just released my first lot of kits and the interest was amazing!!!!  Thank you all so much for the overwhelming support... I shipped my first kits out in the mail yesterday to Australia, USA, New Zealand and South Africa.  So excited.  It is a lot of work for me being on my own but I do it because I actually cant get enough of creating.. I love to cut and stamp, and colour match and do all those fiddly little things.
Last night I started planning my next kit.  I will be selling them monthly so if you are interested private message me on Face Book.
Here is a sneak peek of my second kit.

We had a great 2 weeks at the beach in our caravan. It was so so hot though we spent a lot of time in there car van as it is air conditioned .. very spoilt.. Glamping is for me lol.. My hubby swam every morning still and then he and Corey went surfing on Coreys new board.  We got a bit of rain but most of it bypassed us.
I am hoping to save for a Cameo.  Does anyone out there have one and can tell me if they like them or now.  I do use my Cuttlebug a lot and Im sure it would be a lot easier and faster and more variety for me.  When is Christmas again?? oh yeah.. Birthday?? Oh yeah.. December ...  Better start saving.. and do some research.
Well that is about it for me today.. I have not done much more except my kits.  
Make sure you become a member of my Facebook page SNAP IT UP PROJECT LIFE.... Its lots of fun and lots of inspiring ladies in the group.

Well on that note I have to say goodbye and enjoy this gorgeous coffee that I have just been served.
Have a great week girls... 
Lots of smiles and happy days..
Moonie x