Sunday, December 14, 2014

Having fun with Flutterby goodness

This is my long weekend off and it is pure bliss.. It has gone from 32-34 degree days to a low 18-20 degree today and pouring with rain.  The perfect weather to feel lazy and content.  My hubby and son have been away for two weeks and I left 5 days before they left so its been nearly 3 weeks since we saw each other.  We are busing to get back together and be in the loving arms of each other again... and of course drive one another crazy.  
Even though I have had a pretty much roller coaster of a few weeks I have managed to squeeze in some time out for myself and do what I love.
This layout I have used some of Flutterbys gorgeous products.  If you have not seen them yet make sure you get those fingers moving and click HERE to see all Anita's goodies.  

This is Week 44.  The week I flew north to spend 6 days with my darling daughter who I miss terribly.  We had the best time.  Life is not fair having to be apart... but as long as she is happy I am happy.
Below I have used a Heidi Swapp overlay on my photo.  It is the first one I have used out of my pack I purchased a while ago.  I thought this overlay matched perfect with this cute as rain drop paper I have had in my stash for ages.  The two colourful stickers are of course from Simple Stories.

Below is the cutest 6x4 Everyday Etc card which you can find over at Flutterbys.  They come in a set of 22 Matte photo cards and are great fillers for inserts.  I have added a few title epoxy stickers from Heidi Swapp.

Below is one of the cute cards from Heidi Swapp again.  I have edited my photo by adding the Ali Edwards digi words on it up on the top right hand corner.  To finish this pocket I added the cute flair button from the YOU range.  Pop over here and take a peek.  I love fairs so much I could eat em up.

Here is the super cute Becky Higgins overlay I have used.  So so simple and cute.  I added a little flower embellishment  which matches perfect.

This day in Townsville I was so lucky to have the day with these mad mothers.  My lovely friends Jodi and Helen.  Both scrappers and Project Lifers also.  So of course we had sooo much to talk about and not enough time..  I love the wood veneer  "today".  I love to leave these raw.  They are my favorite.  If you can see just down the bottom on the left there is a little cute tab that says "This is awesome".  Click HERE to have a looksie at them.

And of course my beautiful little ray of sunshine.  She lights up my world when I am with her.. I just want to be her Mummy all the time.. but the circle of life has moved and she is now a little wifey and very happy in her life.. Im sure she still needs me.

Lastly I got this cute little snapshot of her baby Chief.  Her blue stuffy who is the most adorable loving woof woof.  He was at this moment having a wash and a spoil.  He looks a bit serious but seriously was loving every moment of it  I just love love love this SELFIE card from the HAPPY SET.  Just too cool for this little man.. and hey.. how many of us take Selfies now lol.  If you want to see the little pack of flair buttons like the one below go here and check them out.  You will have a field day just choosing the ones you want.  Aren't the little tabs cute.  I love these as they are easy little embellishments that make your page.

On that note.. I'd like to say thanks so much for popping over and reading with me.  I love to share and love to read blogs also.  I hope you have been inspired.
Have a great weekend..
Moonie x

Saturday, December 13, 2014

Blog or not to Blog?

Hi everyone.. I am back to ask a simple question.  
To Blog or not to Blog

I have been blogging here and loving it since 2009.   I am wondering if people still read blogs or if they are more keen just to read Facebook posts instead and get their inspiration off Pinterest now.  I do enjoy blogging and keeping my posts up to date.. but I find I have next to no comments left anymore and not many views.  

It is time to move on and just post on FB or stay.  Id love to know your thoughts on this please..

Love all my readers and followers... 
Moonie x

Monday, November 17, 2014

Just Breathe

I dont know about you but it is that crazy time of the year.. People seem to be getting impatient and rude and Im finding them sad to deal with.. Yes I work in retail but it doesnt give people the right to be absolutely rude and toxic to staff.  Most of my customers are great.. I love them.. but geez.. you do sadly get the odd rude ones who you would like to just kick to the curb... but instead.. I breathe in and breathe out and smile... so please.. just remember.. most people in retail At the Moment are doing a great job and it is a very busy time for everyone.. so please... just make sure you smile and be nice.. just like you would like to be treated.. it is really easy and takes no energy to do so.

I have just been away at my Daughters place in Far north Qld. It was a great little week away for both of us to be together and catch up on our special time.  
I have just 4 weeks left of my work and I am off for approx 6 weeks due to shoulder surgery.  I will not be able to do much.. but will be hopefully in less pain in months to come.  I am going in just 7 days before Christmas Day but as we are having our annual 2 weeks off at the beach here at Cotton Tree just 10km from our home.. I thought I would have the surgery while I am off on holidays anyway.  We just chill at the beach so it is perfect recovery time there.

In the above page I have used Becky Higgins Project Life Boys Rule Value Kit.  I love this kit.. There is not a lot of masculine kits out there that are still a bit fun and bright.. I bought this one as soon as I saw it.

You can find these kits @ Spotlight

Tex (Melissa Walden) and I had loads of fun this day (above) over @ Moffat Beach.  We spent 2 hours playing with our Canons.  It is the most fun way to learn your camera.  On the beach with a coffee and a great friend.. what more could you ask for.  We bounce of each other and give each other tips.. 

I had to capture my little friend Molly and her two most precious babies.. She loves and cares for these two.  They are very spoilt.  With my card I have used one of  Heidi Swapps cards and the chipboard stickers.  I love these.. The pink definitely is me all over.  And I have used a  cute little weekly stamp at the bottom of the card.

Spoilt lucky very blessed wifey.  I love this ring Ken bought me.. I have always loved the round settings in rings.. and this one is to die for.  Especially since it is silver.. I cant take it off.  Oh and I have used a gold overlay that was in the page protectors of Heidi Swapps.  These are great if you want your photo to dominate your pocket.

Big mix up of embellies and paper here.  This is what I love about creating PL.  Lots of goodies to play with and add.

Pretty much Heidi Heidi Heidi in the above card. The star is off a Simple Stories piece of paper.  I sat one day and punched them all out.  Great to add to a corner.

Not at all liking my hand writing but have to keep popping it in :-(

Below I have had a play with Heidi Swapps App.  Fun fun.. when you are sitting in the school pick up line lol

Love this girl Dee... a fun day out for just the two of us showing her around the Sunny Coast.

I have sort of lost my mojo since I have been back from my holiday.. I am only 4 weeks behind which is fantastic but I have to find some mojo.  I low its tucked away in there somewhere.. Last night I spent the evening in the air conditioning as it was a massive 38degrees yesterday printing out the previous 4 weeks.. So I will be able to sit down and just scrap. 
So til next time.. thank you for popping over and having a browse at my work.  
Lots of luv and hugs
Moonie x

Monday, November 3, 2014

Time out for me and my girl

Saturday I packed my bags and flew up to Townsville to stay with my girl and her new husband.  I have only seen her once this year and I cant stand not seeing her and spending time with her.. but life gets in the way.. commitments and just generally time!!! We all have our own lives to live but all of a sudden it has been months and months without seeing each other. Time just goes so fast.. and because she is 1400km north of me... it takes a little planning and time off work.
The weather is a lot warmer up here and the humidity is huge.  I am not used to it anymore.  Or should I say I dont like to deal with it anymore.. I struggle enough at home in the summer... You couldn't live up here without air conditioning.  
They had a 6mth anniversary party here Saturday night as they eloped.. so they got together their most closest friends and celebrated 6mths being married.. Kinda cute.  They had a mexican party.  Was great.. Not so great in the morning after many of them had ... lets say tooooo many Margaritas.
They got this coolest cake made.. then everyone was wearing the hat.. ate his toes one by one lol

I cant wait to share the photo shoot Danielle got after getting her hair and makeup done .. Below she has taken her hair out but it looked amazing in the photo shoot.

Weird ?? Yes indeed.. this is what Danielles Ariel Silk Rig come in.  She wanted us to lay it in for a bit of photo fun ... Okay.. so I did..
Kinda spooky me thinks lol

The girls were requested by everyone to do a performance for us all.. They were amazing..

Danielles back yard swing set... lol.  Her $3500 rig that she plays on every afternoon after school.. I mean work lol

Even the piƱata got to hang about for a while until he got bashed.

Today we took the rig to the beach and the girls set it up for a bit of a practice run out in the wind. It ply took about 10 min to set up but was a lot harder to do in the wind.  Danielle managed to give herself a terrible burn on the back of her armpit and under her arm.. It is terribly bruised and is very sore.  She has so many bruises on her arms and behind her knees from the hoop and silks.  But like anyone who is passionate about something.. she keeps on going.

I love the backdrop of these photos.

We plan to go to Magnetic Island this week for a bit of sun and sand.. sadly no surf here lol.. but we will have a great rest of the week together anyway.  I am having fun editing some pics while I am away from my scrapping room.  Always find something to create.. its in my blood.
Have a great week everyone.. Cant wait to share more with you.
Til then.. 

Love and hugs from Moonie x

Sunday, October 26, 2014

Fun with Simple Stories

I have been away for 2 weeks and then didn't scrap the week I got home.  So I am 4 weeks behind..Thats ok.  I have had this Simple Stories Good Day Sunshine collection for a couple of months.  I fell in love with it as it so me and happy and colourful... but then I found it a bit daunting to use when I got to it.. Thats why Ive left it.. But with my holiday photos... I powered though my pockets and was wrapped with the end result.  I have once again mixed up my products with embellies that compliment the papers.
Below I have finally had a bit of a dabble using this gorgeous cut out that Honey sent me.  She sent me about 50 different cutouts using her new Silhouette Cameo.  I would kill for one.  I am just a bit concerned it may be a novelty at first then get put aside.  But Im thinking not... So I will hold onto this little dream to get one for just a little longer.

How gorgeous is this paper collection... I even tried to go simple for these pages.. Just look at the carefree card... You need nothing on it... as it is divine all by its lonesome.

Bit of Heidi Swapp and Mayer Road with Frecked Fawn on this little Close to My Heart Flip Flap.

Bit of hand doodling 

Seeeeee.... simple below 

I love this flair from Flutttery Designs

Below I had a little dabble with Becky Higgins new App.  I bought most of the collections. Why?? well I have to have a try ?? Did you?  I have heard a lot of girls did just to have a play.. Good thinking Becky Higgins!!!!

My favorite ever little camera stamp from Amy Tan

I love these little wooden alphas from Studio Calico.  I could eat them all up!!!!

An old Simple Stories pocket envelope I have had for ages.. nice to put a little quote in.

Studio Calio Arrow wood veneers.. cant get enough of these.. and a cute little tab and flair from Flutterby Designs.  They change any little pocket.

I am getting into it tonight to share some more work.. I hope you have all had a great weekend.. I worked all mine away.. looking forward to a day off tomorrow then back into it for the week. Then bon voyage ... off I go up North to see my baby girl who I miss something terrible.  A week with her!!!!
Til next time.. take care and be kind.
Moonie x