Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Photography and Scrapbooking

Part of the fun of scrapbooking for me is actually taking the photos. I have always enjoyed taking photos but now taking just a photo has a whole new meaning to it for me.
I am certainly not a photographer but instead I am just totally inspired with taking so many photos of my family and occasions that I get so many I don't quite know what to do with. The beauty of digital cameras I guess. I have also found a love for editing my photos. Not too often do I leave a photo without editing it. Yes I still do but I think the joy of playing and getting creative with my photos is just part of my love for scrapbooking and photography.
I have a love hate relationship with Photoshop. When I keep at it I'm good. But I seem to lose the plot if I have not played with it after about 4 or 5 months. There are a few good editing programs out there.
Here are a couple of photos Ken took of me on this train track in Bungalow yesterday. Corey was so scared a train was going to come but apparently no train has come on this track for many many years.

So that's it for me right now..... Off to have a coffee with a gorgeous girl I met on the beach two evenings ago. They were taking photos of their wee pooch which she has had for 13 years and they run out of space on their memory card so they couldn't take any more photos. They have to make a date to put their baby down this week as she is very sick. Sad for them.. but I managed to get some awesome shots of them and timing was perfect. The sun was setting in the background.

Gorgeous couple who moved to Byron Bay 6 months ago from Sydney. Nice to know there are still beautiful strangers out in this wicked world we live in.
Love to all
Moonie x


  1. beautiful photos Lisa, so glad you ahd a wonderful short holiday too!

  2. Loving the photos of you here babe. Do you use Photoshop for the colour like that or some other program? Totally cool. xx