Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Qld Floods

These are just 3 photos that I took of our house today. We have had so much rain it is so devastating. We are lucky that we only have minor floods and our garage is flooding but we have it under control by sweeping it out and got fans on it to dry the flooring. We lost our phone line 5 days ago but at least we are dry and safe. I feel so sad inside for the families who have lost so much and family members. Tomorrow I will post some photos of our pub up North that we had just renovated 4 years ago and we were hit by cyclone Larry. It was devastating. Somehow my husband still sold beer out of our bottle shop with no lights.. He was happy to still sell with a camping light. Well the locals up there drank beer rain, hail or shine.. even hot!!!!!!!!!!
We are just having a family outing at the local Hotel as we all have cabin fever. I am happy to catch up on blog posting and hoping as I dont have internet at home.. what is making me laugh as I type this is that he is bored out of his brain as I am not able to talk to him.... I said... mmmm go and get a news paper like you normally do.. Drives me nuts when we go out for a coffee and all he does is reads the paper and I end up talking to the chair beside me... So... pay back time.. hahahahahahahah
Keep safe everyone
Moonie x

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