Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Beautiful Fabrics...!!

About September last year I stumbled across this gorgeous fabric shop in Hervey Bay called Dew Drop Inn. OMG!!!!!!!! Totally stunning shop and mind blowing. I spent all my weekend money there on the right amount of owl fabric to make up a queen size quilt. It is going to be basic and easy as this is how I want it... but it is going to be absolutely stunning with the fabrics and colors I have chosen. It will take me a fair while to put together but I will keep you posted.
I also found this site here to...
I have also bought some ...cover your own buttons from there to make my own cute buttons to add to my pages. Has anyone done this..?
Nice to see some sunshine outside but it is as humid as ever. Not nice. I am thinking of all those poor families down south in Caboolture and now Brisbane.
Love always.. Moonie x


  1. I was going to do some self covering buttons, even brought the little do da thingie but ... LOL as always I got sidetracked and moved onto something else. I think its a great idea though :)
    PS I know ... how bloody hot is it!!! glad to hear you are dry, thankfully we are too:)

  2. best of luck with thw quilt Lisa, look forward to seeing it in person. Lovin that layout below too, the simple design is fab!

  3. Lisa, thanks so much for the lovely comments...must check the store out when i'm next in Harvey Bay