Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Our new home

Firstly this is the canvas I got for Ken for Christmas. I had it hidden under the bed and I bought it out on Christmas morning. He was wrapped. I love it.

Now this is our new home.. It is taking a wee bit of time to get used to as I am now in the bush and not near the water.. even though we are only ten minutes away from the beach.. it is totally different for me. It took many hours to clean as the owners walked out and just left the place without cleaning it.. I on the other hand left mine like a display home. Just how we bought it. We have been there for two weeks now and pretty well settled in now. The neighbours have chooks and we listen to them in the morning. It is nice.
I am still waiting for the internet to be connected at home but it is going to be a long haul I think. Pain in the bum and I am missing the motivation and inspiration. So bring it on.
Take care everyone and cant wait to get online again.
Love Moonie girl xxx


  1. Looks gorgeous Lisa!!!
    Weve started looking for a new place too but it might take a while!

  2. Ohhh Lisa its looking beautiful !!!!!! So happy for you guys !!! xx ♥ Tina

  3. Beautiful Lisa with lots of room (great location for a retreat ah LOL hint hint!!!)

  4. SIMPLY STUUNING Lisa, cant wait to see it in person DITTO to Tracy!LOL

  5. Lisa the house looks gorgeous!! Hope you will be very happy there!! :)