Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Well I have been home for 4 days now and I have been spending so much time on surfing through all the lovely blogs I love to read, but sadly I have not blogged myself. I haven't gone into my scrapping room at all. Feel like I have lost my mojo.. still looking, under the table, in the cuboard, even emailed my friends to ask if they have taken it... but I'm sure by Friday night at my local Scrapping shop I will be in first gear ready to go. I have lots of new photos from our holiday, but I think I have been so tired from our traveling that I have just taken the opportunity to be slack and be happy being slack. Nice to have a break.
Life is pretty quiet in the Webb house now. Even though my girl was not noisy, it seems awefully empty without her around. We used to keep each other company late at night as she is a night owl like her Mumma too. But at least we still chat at night.
So hopefully Friday night I will create something nice that I can post on Saturday.
I must say I am enjoying having some nice time at home. I joined the Gym yesterday so I plan to go every day til Friday week which is the day my friend and I head to Brisbane to see Heidi on the Saturday, then down to Byron Bay for 3 days after. I'm hoping to drop 7kg and get toned and fit again. If you don't exercise nothing changes, and I want changes, so here I go!!!!
Love to you all out there.
Moonie girl x


  1. Just loved looking at the wonderful photos, but have to tell you Mr. Mojo is certainly not with me at the moment, like yourself putting it down to being really tired at present. But wow with all the action you will be having this weekend especially meeting Heidi I am sure he will be back very soon, good for you joining the gym too.

  2. I am sure the mojo will come back SOOON. I always feel like a break when I come back from holidays too (go figure!). I guess just to settle back in to life.

    Cant wait to here how Heidi goes!!1

  3. Great pic of you with the snake! Cool photo!