Thursday, April 29, 2010

This was Corey's room three weeks ago. Hours after Danielle left for Townsville and moved out of her room, I was an utter mess. I couldn't stand seeing her room empty so I moved Corey into her room that same day. This was his room and I had a need right away to revamp it in color. Danielle and I do both love bright colors but you would be suprised as the rest of my home is very neutral with a splash or red and lime. So yes this room is full of love and happiness. I painted this simple canvas to go in with the doona.
So if you wish to come and stay with me... this is your room x
Night night for now... still looking for my mojo.. :-(
Moonie girl x


  1. Wow, this is just gorgeous, I love the bright gorgeous colours, and the canvas you have made is just fantastic, I bet this makes you so happy walking past the door and seeing this bright room, I just love it, you should become an interior designer, ps. my mojo must be on holidays with yours....

  2. so so gorgeous Lisa looking forward to catching up next week and then 18th June

  3. you did a BRILLIANT job here, lisa- WOW! :)

  4. Love this room. I bags that room when I come and stay hehe!!!!!!