Thursday, April 1, 2010

Here she comes!

This is our Bonnie girl that is flying down tomorrow to drive up North with my Danielle. They have 1400 kms to drive together and there is one more blonde going too. They have the car packed and most of it is clothes and sunnies. Bless their wee hearts. They also have 3 matching sun straw hats that they bought for their road trip. Bonnie and Danielle are moving in together about September this year in Townsville... They are inseparable and just laugh and act the goat 24/7. You are looking at one true friendship. Every girl needs a bestie I believe. We have warned Bonnie to be wearing her crash helmet and knee pads because when we see her at the airport tomorrow she is going to get knocked down from our bear hugs!!! See ya Moonie x

1 comment:

  1. awwww :( that's sad, lisa. you can talk to them by phone or by facebook etc but it's nowhere near the same as having them in person, is it. what a tough time. hope you're ok xx