Friday, April 2, 2010

They live off one anothers Love!

Well as I predicted there were many tears when these girls spotted each other at the airport. They pushed and shoved through the crowd to bear hug one another. They are the best of friends and are soo accepting of one another in every single way. They move the same, dance the same, have THEIR favorite songs, have their own dance routines to their favorite songs, and are soo good for each other.
They will go and live together in September. First time out of home for both of them. Danielle has her bed, lounge suite and a fry pan.. Bonnie..... the blondie babe.... well lets just say Bonnie has clothes... and stilettos and handbags..!! LOL I told her she has to start saving for potato peelers and rubbish bins and a vacuum cleaner... No wonder she looked at me oddly!!!
I am happy they are ready to spread their wings and begin the life they are so looking forward to living.. I will just miss my soul mate. But yep..... many cheap flights up North now.
Thanks for all your well wishes on my good fortune with my submissions being accepted and the lovely comments on my work. You all keep me inspired.
Happy Easter..
Moonie x

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