Saturday, April 3, 2010

Saying Goodbye

Well today my best girl packed up her car and her bestie and her other friend and said Goodbye to the Sunshine Coast. She has a week or so on the road.. up to Cairns from here and will be living in Townsville in a week. She has a transfer in her job so that is secure for her which is great. She will go and live with her Dad until Bonnie moves down from Cairns and then they will go and rent their first house together. She is very excited about her new adventures in life.. we have texted each other all day and they have booked into a motel in Bundy for the night. First time for this as well so they are very excited. Mummy on the other hand is far from excited. Of course I am very happy for her as she was so not happy down here. All she wanted to do was go back up north. We left there 4 years ago in June. But I have never felt this hollow, empty, sad, quiet, lonely, teary or devistated. I'm sure this feeling is normal, but we have the most closest bond a Mum and Daughter can have. We are mad together, act the goat, dress up and take photos and basically just love to be on our own away from everyone. I have never ever had any problem with her with attitude, drugs, alcohol, boys.... she is untidy in her room to the max... and this is it!! She is the dream daughter. She has so much respect for me and cares about my feeling. This is a huge thing I taught her from the beginning. If you respect people you will always forever in your life... be respected in return. She has learned that lesson well. We are off to Singapore in just over 24 hours for 12 days. I'm hoping this will perk me up a tad.. and that I won't be so teary. I will be a life change for me. I know it will. I can only wait for the time that it is easier to deal with. Thanks for listening.. reading.. I needed to journal it. Love always Moonie girl x

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