Saturday, February 27, 2010

Rainy Day!

Ooooh what a perfect day for me today. I hopped into bed at 2.30am this morning after yet another fun night at Daisy Chain Scrapbooks where I spend each and every Friday night scrapping with all the girls there. I must say I have not missed too many Friday nights there in there 3 years that I have been going. Barbie the gorgeous owner for the store who has an absolute heart of gold has extended the shop so now we swing off the chandeliers in between creating some master pieces.
I am lucky enough to bed able to sleep in most Saturday mornings now so it's great to be able to crawl out of bed about 9am and have an easy breaky and days like today are even more exciting. I love the fact that I can do blogging and create all my blog lines like I have today and not feel guilty doing this. Hey it's raining outside. I couldn't possibly hang out washing or wash floors. There is WAY too much moisture in the air for that kind of stuff... so while my husband is happy recreating his garden and Corey is happy playing in the rain with the other kids in the street... Mummy is extremely happy to sit and do her thing. So much to look at !!
Ok, will close for now. When it stops raining I will get my stash out of the car and upload my creations from last night for you to take a peek at.
Bye for now.... chill out and relax!!
It's the weekend
Moons x

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  1. Oh that reminds me, I'd better go unpack my car LOL. Would have gone to do the groceries and not been able to get them in the boot!

    Loving the rainy day too. Just what I needed to justify sitting here like a vegetable for a while :)