Wednesday, February 10, 2010

My boy 7 Today!

Here is the card I made for Corey last night. He was absolutely delighted when he woke up at 7am to see it next to him in bed. He thought it was pretty cool.

We had a nice low key birthday for Corey today. He had two friends over from school and they swam, ate, ran, yelled, played hide and seek with the other kids in the street and basically all round had a great afternoon. This is the chocolate cake his big sister Danielle made for him last night.. Mmm Chocolate... her favorite or Coreys....??
Hope you are all having a great week. I have my husband home now after being away for a week. Was soo nice to see him. Distance always makes the heart fonder!!
We are hoping to go to the Gold Coast for the weekend to celebrate their birthdays as it was Daddys on Monday too.

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Moonie x

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  1. Happy birthday Corey, are they Caromello Koalas on the outside of that cake, OMG it looks awesome, and their is nothing more fun than running around with a friend and then chomping into a cake like that, sounds like a great day was had...