Saturday, February 13, 2010

My highs and lows of early Twenty Ten!

This is my soul mate!!!
Introducing Danielle Jo. My daughter who is turning 19 in April. We have been as close as a mother and daughter can get our whole lives. When we are on our own we do the most stupidest things.. laugh til we cry, dancing like no one is watching and basically are just like sisters.
She told me 6 months ago she was leaving and moivng back north where we left 3.5 years ago. As she told me we both bawled our eyes out. I managed to turn it a bit and she is still here.. but I know this time she is going. She is ready to spread her wings in this thing we call life. So off she goes. I am hoping she will be terribly miserable and come home after a week but I am not quite so sure.. LOL
She is getting a transfer in her job.... from our Camera House to another Camera House up north and a possibility of managing it in the near future. Kids... they are so heartbreaking but we would not be without them!!!!

My highs on the other hand are....
We are off to Singapore in just 7 weeks. My husband and I and Corey are off to Singapore for 12 days. In this time we will be spending time in Langkawi and also Kaula Lumpa. So we are really pumped about this trip. Corey has saved his birthday money and cant wait to see how much he gets in a different currency.
The downside is that when we get home... Danielles room will be empty.... OMG!! I got got knots in my stomach when I typed that. Mmmmm sook yo may say... I love her to bits!!!!
Well that is a bit of healing for me on this fine Saturday morning...... Need to get it out sometimes..
Thanks all for reading... love you all

Moonie x


  1. Good luck - Ima long way off from that yet but I cant even think about it. BUT I moved back home TWICE before moving out for good - so she may be back!!!!

    AND on the upside - more room for scrapping!!


  2. hahaha i love that- "more room for scrapping"! she's right, you know! just put something in there that will cheer you up, make it a sanctuary :) xx