Monday, December 24, 2012

Christmas Eve

Well here in Australia we only have 30 minutes left til the 25th December.  My son has been soo excited all day and wanted to go to bed super early so he can wake up faster to open all of those presents behind him.  He is pretty keen to get his big one open.  It was his request this year.  He is getting an XBOX 360.  We said he had to save $100 to go towards it as it was $300 and I dont want him to think that that is a reasonable price for one Christmas present.  So for the past few months he has been earning his $ and gave me $100 cash about a month ago.  Good on him!!!!!!
Just a little learning of the real life in our house.

This was our local beach where my hubby swims 2km each morning and Corey does nippers and Mummy drinks yummy coffee LOL
Santa arrived in a Life Saving boat and then fun fireworks for the kids.
Was so nice to see so many families down here having BBQ's and fish and chips together.  Sadly I had a break down of tears ..... Makes me miss my girl so much.  Love her so much.. x

We had a bit of fun taking these photos today.  I couldnt work out my Self Timer on my camera.  Hence why there are no photos of the three of us together.  Maybe tomorrow.

And lastly tonight before I lay my head to rest ...
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Goodnight to you all and I hope you all have a wonderful day tomorrow.
Moonie x

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