Thursday, December 13, 2012

Our Story

 Well it is getting so close to the big day of Christmas this year.  I am pretty well done and was about 3 weeks ago.  Nice and easy for me this year.   A few gift vouchers and nice presents from gift shops is about all I did this year.  It costs so much money for so many people and I just dont think its that necessary to spend up a storm.  But in saying that I know those special people I have bought for will be very happy with what they got.

I am loving this Photo Friendly paper collection.. Love th soft colours.  I have put together this Project Life page using some of the collection.  Love my family and is nice to use some of my favorite snapshots I have in my stash.  I especially love these two of my wee beauties.  Danielle and Corey.  Have added a bit of washi tape in, Studio Calico, Kaiser Craft, American Craft thickets and Pink Paisliee too.  Nice combo.

I am going to get organised to create my first page for my first ever Project Life Album 2013.  It is only a few weeks away you know and I am new at this so I am pretty excited.  Looking forward to the new challenge..
Keep safe and happy everyone.  We will be off in our caravan soon and I am absolutely busting to go.  I need a break as my back has been very bad these past few months.  I am so looking forward to just chilling out with my boys and taking it easy.. No customers, no lifting and no rushing. 
Thats all for now from me.  I hope you are all sorted for your big happy family day on the 25th x
Moonie xx


  1. Gorgeous Lis. I'm planning on doing Project Life this coming year too. Have all the goodies ready, bought them to do this year but they are still sitting there! Better late than never hey.

  2. I absolutely adore your pages, if I have done the math correctly, we are about 14 hours apart? So you will be hitting Friday here soon and I will be getting on with my day on Thursday! I'm so glad we met and I look forward to getting to know you better, I am actually a scrapbooker/crafter, but with earning my degree it's been so hard for me to fit crafting in, I have done a bit here and there... and I will get back to it soon, because I LOVE it. Love your work!
    Tammy xx