Saturday, December 29, 2012

Christmas with my boys

Well now that Christmas is over... I am looking forward to another great year next year. This year was my year and I reached my goal. That was to lose 10kg. I lost 11 in 14 weeks and have kept it off all year.  I lost it by June so I did pretty good all year.  I know how to eat now and what is nasty for me.  I still like my nasties LOL but I know how to have them.. And that is in very very small portions and as a treat.  Not like before.. Just an every day treat ....
I have stopped training for 4 weeks while I get treatment on my back.  It has been a massive success.  I am still walking but I do miss my weight and cardio training which kills the calories.  1 January 2013 I will begin again.  Im sure I have a bit of Christmas blubber to kill off.

I want to share with you the left hand side of my double page.  This is my Christmas layout. Im pretty happy with it.  I am not a person to normally do Christmas layouts as I don't really have exciting or stunning Chrissy photos.  But this year I just wanted to put them together as I know later on in life I will regret it.

So here is my page.  I have just about finished my other side but need to print out one more photo that I forgot to print.  I will post that tomorrow night.

Next is NYE.... we are going to the beach to chill out on the beach chairs and eat some yummy Thai takeaways and have a drink to celebrate the coming new year.  I hope you all have a great celebration and a very positive new year in 2013.

Hugs and smiles... Moonie

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