Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Slipping in some quality time

Well it surely has been a hectic few months. School has now finished.  My Corey has been off for 3 weeks already in 2 days time. He is ready to go back LOL.  Being an only child at home it can get boring especially when Mum and Dad are still working.  
While we took Daddy to hospital for Day Surgery Corey and I took off up the hill to Montville.  It is the most quaint part of where we live.  We are so lucky to have the ocean to the left and the mountains to the right (so to speak).  We went up there this early morning and the breeze was beautiful. It was one of those lovely not too overbearing hot summer days.  We had brunch together.  I didn't realise that Corey bought his camera with us.  I took mine as I am missing playing with it and trying to better my shots.  Im not a huge photographer as in getting the most awesome shots.. learning to perfect shots is more my game.  I take loads of photos every week but lots of happy snaps.
I thought it was pretty cute seeing Corey laying on the grass trying to capture this cute ladybug he had found.

The gardens as you can see remind me of my childhood in New Zealand.  My Mum is the most creative gardener you would ever meet.  
I thought this range of Simple Stories paper matched in perfectly with our day out.
Just another one to add to my PL album.
Not many sleeps left!!!!!
6 more to be precise.  I hope you are organised.
Night night all my lovelies x
Moonie x


  1. Oooh, I love this page Lisa! Sounds like a wonderful place to visit.
    Congrats on you HM in the SM Masters mag. Love your layout. xx

  2. Gorgeous work! Love the washing line - SUPER CUTE!! :D

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