Thursday, September 27, 2012

2 days left :-(

Well we have had the best ever break.  Not long to go til we are back at home and into it again for another few months.  This morning I had a nice sleep in.. again.. and went from my bed to my towel on the beach... heaven!!! stayed down there for 2 hours.  We we spoilt this morning.  The whales and dolphins put on a spectacular show for us.  They were only metres away from where we were swimming.  Corey was so excited he come running up the beach to tell me that he and his friend saw two dolphins in the waves as it smashed down. They are incredibly gorgeous creatures.  A couple of guys paddled out on their boards to play with them.  They were so cool.  Sadly I couldn't get a clear photo.  But here are a few shots of yesterday.  We rode the bikes, climbed hills, swam and chilled.  Such a beautiful part of the world and we are literally 3 hours from our doorstep.

Tomorrow we are taking Corey fishing and then the beach again.. No physical hard straining.. the most Ive really done is got on my pushy every day.  I love that thing.  Sadly I dont get to use it where we are living..  The most straining thing I am doing here is lifting the jug to pour my coffee LOL. Well that's what holidays are for aren't they??
I must say I am itching for a bit of creativity in my scrapping room back at home.  I am missing my papers and all my yummy goodness.  Friday night at Daisys here we come.
I have just had a card accepted to be published in Scrapbook Creations Magazine so Im pretty excited about that.  Cant wait to get home and make some more.
Well thats it from me tonight.  I am missing my gorgeous friend Monika who is currently in Bali ATM doing a course with Jane Davenport.  She is there for 10 days and I miss her lots.  She will be home soon to pass on all her motivation and creative juices.
Night night all
Moonie x

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  1. If I have to go by all the gorgeous pics you put on here and on FB I would say you are having a perfect holiday Lisa! Enjoy your last couple of days. xx
    Oh, and congrats on your card being accepted. Can't wait to see it in the mag. :)