Tuesday, October 2, 2012

My HAPPY Space

Since I am such a craft scrapoholic and I am also a night owl, I have been blessed by my hubby to have the biggest room in the house for MY SPACE.  I must admit since being here for 2 years now I have accumulated a certain amount of... ummm.. stuff and furniture to accommodate it in here.  I spend at least 3 hours in here a night... unless I am seriously sick.  I either scrap, sit and ponder online, make cards, sew, or just tidy and reorganise.  I am a huge fan of storage containers, boxes, totes, cute cosmetic bags or purses you can pop a few inks in etc.... so I like to swap my things over so the others don't get left out.
There are many special sentimental things in my room.  My husband is very happy I have a happy place and he is a good supporter of my scrapping.  Sure he might not read the journalling on my layout when he looks at it.. but then I tell him too... with a stern voice lol... that is the most important part I say.  I have a king single bed in here for my hubby and son to come and join me sometimes and on the weekends they will watch the footy or the fishing show or like in the holidays Corey will come and join me and just watch a movie.  I love the company.. but not all the time LOL

I bought the blinds.. well not really blinds... from Loot.. they are all plastic crystal like beads.. Love the sparkle they give to my room.

My MOONIE and heart that my husband bought me to add to my room and the cute bird on a branch that was a gift from a great friend Lisa Hayes.
My $20 white storage unit I got from a Garage sale.  I have my punches, inks and stamps in there.
The white book case on the right was also bought at a garage sale for $30

This unit is the expensive piece in here.  It was our TV unit for 4 years but sadly (grin) our telly is on the wall in the lounge.. and simply..... NO ROOM for it.. Perfect for my 12 x 12 Art bins and other stashes.

And there is room for 7 in here.  This is the spare desk for my besties when they come to scrap.  This was also a scratched table from Ikea I picked up for $20.  I must mention that my gorgeous big fat white two pack dining table I use for my scrapping desk was $400 at AMart but got it in the dints and damaged corner for $100.  It has a perfect small scratch on the top exactly where my craft mat sits.

A few little sentiments

Ikea book case.. Worth its weight and gold

My beautiful Dad who we lost a wee while ago.. Dad and I to the left and my sister and I playing his guitar on our first Fathers Day without him :-(

My most amazing two children.  I worship the ground they walk on.  I miss this girl so badly.  Words cannot explain how much.  She has been gone for 3 years now and it seems like a life time.  She is so happy up north now living the life she wants to.. but I will forever have a very lonely empty spot in my heart for however long she is away from me.  It's is life I know.. but I cannot stand the pain sometimes. She is and will always be Mummies best friend... Ok... crying now... sob sob  .... lump in thoat.. ok moving on..
and Corey... well at least I get the biggest cuddles and I LOVE YOU MUMMA ten times a day still.. So that brings smiles to me

My two besties.... my girl on her 17th birthday and my soul mate from Mackay on a visit to me a year ago.  This was our goodbyes and we were gutted.  I will love this girl forever. We have been friends for 16 years

Love this... It is nice and slim line and I have it sitting right next to me on my desk.

All couple of sentimental gifts from friends

And that's my space.... I would love to see your space too... so get out your cameras.. Big or small rooms or spaces or wherever you scrap... It's all interesting to take a look at how others create.
Big week for me this week at work so since it is 11.39pm I should get some zzzzz's in.
Night night for now...
Thanks for letting me share with you 
Moonie x


  1. It's a gorgeous space Lisa! You are a very lucky gal :).

  2. Lisa your room is just amazing and filled with lots of little bits and pieces that make it special 'for you'. Thankyou for sharing your space and also a little piece of your heart. x

  3. Thanks for sharing your space Lisa, it's lovely

  4. You know I totally LOVE your space and I have even had the pleasure of scrapping with you in it. I adore it and you are a very lucky girl to have your pretties all in one place for you to be inspired by. I even spied a layout you created of us on the floor by your corner table. Looks beautiful. Love you xx