Sunday, September 16, 2012

Sooooo excited!!!

I was welcoming and invited into this cool FB group a little while ago.  These girls are mad scrappers all doing the Project Life Albums.  They are a great bunch of girls who seem awesome and heaps of fun.  I have met a few so far but a lot more to go.  I cannot wait to meet them I must say... And that is going to happen soon enough. It turns out the awesome lady Beth who has organised this retreat invited me into the group.  She come into work a long time ago and said.. Hello Lisa.  I knew her face but didn't know where from.  She said.... I nursed you while you were in hospital.  The penny dropped.  I remember her saying she was a keen as scrapper and it was nice to talk to her in hospital.  
Well Beth has decided to get a few girls together.. even coming all the way from Perth... to do a 3 day scrapping retreat.  Beth has snapped up this delightfully gorgeous house for us to rent for the 3 days.
It sleeps 12 people but the owners are happy for us to take along some mattresses and plonk them down on the floor so we have have about 20 girls for the weekend.  I am so excited the pang in my belly is hurting LOL.
What a place!!!!!  This beautiful home is rented out for approx $300 a night.. more at peak season. But all together for 2 nights @ $600 it is going to cost us a tiny $15 per night!!!!!
I can feel the pang again.. OMG.... its hurting LOL
So yeah.. it will be a pretty special fun weekend in March for all of us.  I have got a good friend coming with me and I will finally get the chance to meet all these other nuts who I chat to online most nights.  And I will certainly be keeping it in mind for special occasions in the near future!

So that's it for my teasing tonight... I simply cannot wait!
I had a great weekend.. well I should say Sunday... as I worked all day tomorrow.  My day off again tomorrow.  Today I took my Corey to Nippers.  Was the first day of the season.   He loved it.  They had to do an ocean swim to qualify to compete in any comps this season and I was so proud of him.  He come 6th out of about 22 in his age group.  He has a fear of swimming in the ocean as it is black and he cant see what he may feel near his legs or feet.   He is ok on the board.  I know he will overcome it... just a matter of time.  I went and got a coffee and sat on my beach chair while I let him play on his board in the ocean for about an hour.  Was soo delicious down there today at the beach. Such perfect temperature.  We then come home, threw the double mattress out by the pool, made a huge salad and tuna and went out by the pool and had lunch and got in the pool a few times. And YES!!! It was freezing but sooo refreshing once we got out. Had a bit of a sun bake and pretty well had a beautiful day together.  Daddy went out on his bike for a 3 hour ride with a friend.
Bring on tomorrow!!! New day ahead.. so looking forward to it x
Night night my friends
Moonie x


  1. yes i am that good friend :) bring on march BL - cant wait xx

  2. Sounds wonderful Lisa... how exciting... and the house is beautiful... the perfect space to create in... enjoy...

    Jenny x

  3. This sounds and looks awesome Lisa! I'm sure you are going to have a wonderful time. xx

  4. Turning green with envy...have a great time xx