Monday, September 24, 2012

Another Great Day in Paradise

Well one of my BFF come down to our caravan today to spend some time with us.  We had loads of laughs and spills and swims and sinks today.  The surf was awesome and so refreshing.  We loved it.  We got a good shower of rain this arv.. but lucky we were out having lunch the 4 of us and did a bit of shopping.  We come across this very old books store which stocks mostly old classic books.  I thought of my other BFF Monika.  You would have loved it.  Monika re-creates these books with Gesso and other paint, fabric, coloured pencils and thread.  She is so totally amazing.
Tex bought a couple of cool vintage books.. We have a project in mind.. but thats for after all the other projects we have in the pipe line... So good to have such a good friend who is 5 minutes away from you who have the same things in common.  We are like a clone of each other.  Even my hubby says.. LOL tooooo funny.  At least we are happy.  Thats what life is all about right???? (inserting huge smiles)
Well here are some photos from today.
My two favorite boys in the world

Back together again - me and ma girl

How cool is this rock formation and the colour of the water... we are blessed here in Australia. BTW I love the underwater cameras. Everyone needs one.

Hours of fun on the beach today

My best mate for life

Will be back tomorrow with some more pics.. Loving spending time playing and editing photos.  So much fun x
Night night everyone


  1. Wow! I have to say the beach is probably my most favorite place on earth! It's so beautiful. I love the picture of the rock. Amazing. Have tons of fun!

  2. So jealous Lisa, we have been freezing down south and I am sick of my gumboots being my daily shoe style!! Have fun.
    Trudy. xo