Sunday, September 23, 2012

Playing with photos

I am now on holidays which means means I get time to do things I don't always get time to do.  Its a true luxury to be on holidays and have chill out time.  I have got lots of photos I want to play with and Picmonkey is one of my favorites.  Here are just two of the collages I have created so far.

On this collage of Corey in his creative mood I have actually attached a Jessica Sprague frame onto the photo.  I love the effects of these.  
And awwww..... how gorgeous is my Kookaburra.... I had 3 of them sitting on the handle of my pushbike yesterday afternoon while sipping a late afternoon alcoholic beverage.. (well we are on holidays you know)... they are so calm and happy to sit so close to you.  Such angelic birds.  And check out those feathers.  Simpy divine.
I have 6 days left to take a heap of fun photos.  Im also getting to know my new camera too which is great.  Time once again.. Always a lack of it to do all the things we wish to do.  Not have to do.
I have a great friend arriving tomorrow so we will no doubt get some fun shots over the next few days.  Hope the weather holds up.  It's simply gorgeous atm.
Thats all for now.
Moonie x

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