Saturday, September 22, 2012

Holidays at last

Well I have been busting for this week away with my two boys.. We are in our caravan right on the beach in NSW and it is divine.  I love hearing the waves crash all night long, you get more relaxed being on the beach and then of course get more sleep.  It is only 7.30pm and we are all tucked up in bed watching a movie and me of course playing on my macbook.
The caravan park here is full up but in saying that it is a quiet spot we have chosen.  No shops... no nothing but nature and the beach and ocean.  It cant get much better.   The closest shops are only 7km away so that is easy peasy.
I have bought my crochet squares away and my hoodie jacket I am knitting so I can get a bit more done on them.  Good time to chill out.  I will do a 7km walk each day and we bought the 3 push bikes down with us so we can ride into the little township for lunch or a hit of caffine.

Here are some cool shots we took today.. Just on our way in 2km away from the van park there was a garage sale.. and yep I must say I have an eye for a good bargain... I said STOP THE CAR!!!!!!!
I spotted a papasan cane chair.  I just looooove these.  I used to have one a long time ago and they are the most comfy chairs you can get.  $25 what a bargain.  So I even have my most amazing comfy posy here at the beach.
Not a bad spot for $350 for the week.. and ocean views included.

 Corey creating a clothes line for me

 First time for Corey to sleep in the awning.  See if he lasts the night.

Inside our pad

Get out of me chair!!!  All I have to do is get a proper papasan cushion online.

Such beautiful fluffy birds.

Yip... love this boy

Just look at this wee mans feathers.

When we were outside having a drink earlier the Kookaburras come around right next to us.  They are so tame it was amazing.  Two of them sat on my push bike handles and just sat there for about 20 min.  Just enough time for us to get some great shots.

Anyway... best I go and blog my layout I did last night at Daisys.

Have a great school holidays to those parents out there that are on holidays.  I only have a week off but am relaxed to the nines already. Only day 1 

Luv to all
Moonie x

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  1. How fabulous Lisa... enjoy the break... looks so beautiful and relaxing... and gorgeous pics...

    Jenny ♥