Saturday, May 5, 2012

Time out

Well we are lucky enough to be away at the moment at Byron Bay NSW.  This is our 4th year of coming here for a week as my DH competes in the Yearly Ocean Swim Event.  There should be about 2000 competitors tomorrow morning taking part.  It is always a fantastic day on the beach followed by a big BBQ lunch.  This time of the year it is always on the chilly side at night time but the days are gorgeous.  We stay on the beachside caravan park in our caravan and we just love it.  We do nothing but res, read, crochet, blog hop LOL, walk the streets of Byron and make sure we go into each shop at least twice, swim, lay in the sun, and of course I do the lighthouse walk each day which is 7.5km.  I love the tranquility of Byron.  There is just something about this place.  Everyone is chilled, the cars are happy to give way to you while you break the law and jay walk, the little restaurants are awesome and are fully booked most nights, people are busking in the streets, the awesome markets are on Sundays here and it is just the perfect family time for us to bond and just hang out with each other.

 Can't believe how big my little man is getting.. his legs are so friggin long its not funny.  He is still so close to my heart and strokes my hair and tells me 157 times a day how much he loves me. Blessed!!!

 These two... best ever mates x

And of course I had the hard job of taking the photos while sipping on a cold drink LOL...well someone had to do it.. giggle x

DH and DS are out in the surf on their boards half of the morning and afternoons catching waves. DS @ 9 is getting good on the board.  Nothing like a father and son Bond while out in the ocean catching waves together.
Life is great... It could not get much better.. I have a beautiful support husband, two children who love me  to bits, a family who I adore and I am happy as me as a person.  I am content in life and just wish my besties were around me much more x
Moonie girl x

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