Saturday, May 26, 2012

A beautiful new little life

I have one daughter.... but I also have another who is my daughters BFF..... Wee Bonnie had a hubby girl of her own this time last week.  She had a beautiful little girl who she named Ava Jade.  Bonnie is going to the best little Mumma... she has been longing to be a mother for so long even though she is so young herself.  But she has a very supportive and excited partner and now living a very happy little life together. 19 seems so young but I was 21 when I had my Danielle and she and I have the best ever relationship and I would not trade that with the whole wide world.  Bonnie will be the same with little Ava.
I thought I would share a collage I put together with a couple of beautiful pics of Bonnie just 2 weeks before she had Ava.
I will post a photo of the layout I put together for Bonnie and it will go on a canvas for Avas room.  What a special picture for Ava to have in years to come.  These are the most beautiful sensational pregnancy photos I have ever seen.  I looove the lighting in them.  Wish I had them done.  I did... but nothing as gorgeous as these.

That's all from me tonight. Way too cold for this chook to stay up.  Need to catch up on some well earned sleep.  Looking forward to having the next two days off.  Keep warm Aussie girls x
Moonie x

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  1. These photos are just priceless...your layout is going to be stunning too, I am sure Bonnie will adore it xx