Thursday, May 24, 2012

Yippeeee quilt finished!

I have only made one big quilt before... It was for my daughter when she was 4 years old.  It has only just died... and that was after finally giving it to my sisters pooch who loved it.  It had a few age holes in it so I thought instead of giving it to St Vinnies Ted could have it and he loved it.  So I was pretty happy with getting a good 16 years out of it.  When my daughter left home I did the blubba cry for months and months and I decided to make another quilt since she left and took hers.  It took me forever to find the exact fabric I wanted.  I hadn't seen what I wanted.. but I knew what I wanted.  
I walked into a gorgeous shop Dew Drop Inn in Hervey Bay Qld over a year ago and fell in love with this special collection.  It took me about 9 months to put together.  I didn't do it every day and every week as I have a heck of a lot of other projects on the go too LOL
All I have had to do in the past few months was put the binding on.  I finally sewed it on yesterday with the machine and hand stitched it on the back last night in bed.  Soooo happy to throw it around the bedroom and snuggle into it.  I love the colourful fabric I have chosen and I love the birds on the back of it.  We have a king bed and this actually fits on top of a queen size.
See my clock on the bedside table... well it was midnight when I finished hand stitching... and yip.... that's when I turn into a pumpkin. I felt like Corey when I finished.  He claims Daddy's spot in the bed when Daddy is away.

I am loving this cooler weather.  I am hoping for the rain to show tomorrow for a few days.  We just put our 3rd water tank in so lets hope it fills up.  Looking forward to a nice big fat hot bubble bath.  Perfect weather for it.
See you back soon 
Moonie x


  1. Oh Lisa... your quilt is GORGEOUS!!! Love the beautiful bright fabrics... especially the owls... and the pretty backing fabric... you are so talented with all the wonderful and different things you create... thank you sooooo much too for your sweet blog comments... you are a darling... and I hope you will share your mixed media canvas... have fun... and can't wait to see it...

    Jenny x

  2. Love it Lisa, it's absolutely gorgeous. The colours are beautiful. You've done an awesome job. xx

  3. Your quilt is so beautiful, you're a clever chook and love the sleepy head boy in your bed hehe!!!