Monday, April 30, 2012


I have had this gorgeous 7 Gypsies frame for a couple of years and I have been busting to do it but I have just been lazy to organise my photos.  I got some great shots of my besties when I was up north last month and these are the girls that mean the most to me.  Like I have put in my quote.. Friends are like diamonds... very rare and hard to find.  You can have lots of friends and aquaintences but to have dear friends who are there for you through thick and think forever and ever, well they can not be replaced.  I have had a few girls in my life that have come and gone.... you will always get that.. but these ones are the special ones.... there for life!!

I have used the sweet paper by Prima.  I love it.  So soft and feminine.  So now it is ready to hang in a special place in my home.
Thats all from me tonight..... Loving this cool weather..... so yummy to snuggle up
Moonie x


  1. love it!! i want to do one of those printer tray things :)

  2. OH this is just sooo lovely Lisa!