Thursday, March 15, 2012



Learning blogsy with the iPad

I have found the iPad very frustrating as it will not allow me to do the blogging I was hoping to be able to achieve...but after speaking with Apple...I am hoping to learn and correct the problems I am having.

So I am going to try and upload a photo. If you see this post without a photo then I get the big..... Thumbs down and will have to go back to the tutorial


Let's go


Well that seemed to work


I wil post it now







  1. You sure did Lisa... great pic too... that's so interesting... you need to be able to blog on your iPad... I would be giving it the thumbs down too... if you couldn't do that... but looks like you got it :))

    Jenny x

  2. I used to be only able blog on my iPad if I didn't have a photo. I updated Blogpress and now I can upload a photo too. So I'm happy about that too. Glad you found a solution.

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