Saturday, March 17, 2012

Kaiser Craft Technological Collection

Well after a huge week at work and not having really a moment to spare except at night time, I was soo looking forward to my Friday night in with the girls at Daisy Chains in Nambour last night.  I love going there. It is so the highlight of my week after a full week at work.  It is a total feel of put your feet up, left have our favourite thai take aways for dinner, put some music on or a girls DVD, share or crafty loves which don't always just include scrapbooking LOL.. There is a bit of crocheting sneaking in, the love of iPad and mac books, a bit of my quilt been thrown around and whatever the girls are up to at the time.
I really and truly miss flicking through the photos on my computer.  I transferred a few thousand about a year ago over to my portable hard drive.  I really miss looking at the older photos. So.......

I dug out my portable hard drive .. so I looked them up the other night and ohhh.. I can't believe how much especially my Corey has grown.  They sure do the best part of growing growing in these early years.  I loved this photo when it was taken and I still love it now.  So I had to go and get it printed and it just told its own story on this cute as Kaiser Craft Technological Collection of papers and chipboard pieces.

I put this together with such happiness and felt proud doing it for Corey's album as I knew he would think that it ROCKS... more than the other layouts I do.  When I showed him this morning he said.. wow Mumma.. this is your best ever layout ever!! Haahhahaa I knew it.
A list of what I have used:
Kaiser Craft Paper - Technologic Collection
Kaiser Craft Wooden Flourishs - Cogs
American Craft Thickers
Crate Paper Stickers
Bakers Twine
Karen Fosters Scrappers Floss

I hope you all have a nice weekend.  I only get tomorrow off.  My hubby is off to China for 2 weeks so I am hoping to get lots of creative projects happening or and finished in between work.  The house will be a bomb zone with all my machines out and whatever else my liddle heart desires.

Night night for now.. 
I have just printed out my wish list for Duty Free as the clothes are too small for me and my feet are too big for their shoes. LOL
Moonie x

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