Sunday, March 11, 2012

Not enough hours in the day

 Hi girls..... well I have had a super duper busy week and next week looks like it is going to be the same.  But thats ok cause that's just the way I like it.. although......... I would loooove more time to just sit and do all my arty farty loves .... I have in my ex scrapping craft room....
I currently have 3 quilts on the go... my owl one I am nearly finished.. just the binding to sew on... one of my besties in Mackay.. two sides left of the binding to go on.. Bonnie girl.. her bubby girl is due in 89 day.. I have not started.. I am crocheting a blanket for my DH and DS... then my wool is there waiting to start on mine, I have my scrapping which holds me up from all as Im so addicted to such beautiful papers I get from Barbie at Daisy Chain every single week, I have my yummy copic pens sitting there with all my scrumptious stamps ready to colour in and make cards with, I have 3 pairs of jarmie pants cut out and ready to go, I have made 4 day bed cushions and 3 still left sitting there ready to be finished, and that about sums it up.... sooooooooo I would LOVE MORE HOURS IN THE DAY or night as Im such a night owl.... I could sit up for hours doing my own thing, but I turn into a pumpkin most nights and take myself to bed as I normally have work at 9 the next morning.
But you know what.... Im sooo going to be the happiest old girl as I will have sooo much to do and I will be creating til my hearts content.
On that note... I will upload two new layouts I did Thursday night and Friday night at Daisys.
Hugs... Moonie girl x

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