Monday, April 18, 2011

Sooo excited!!

I only have 3 more sleeps til my girl comes home for Easter. It was meant to be a surprise but due to my husband going to Hong Kong this morning for 9 days .... I was determined not be staying at home at all for the Easter break. I had a few things in mind and Ken put me off for many reasons.. weather, save money for our wee holiday in Byron Bay when he arrives home etc.. but I was persistent and was going to go left or right outside our street for Easter no matter what. So it come to the crunch... Everyone knew except me that Danielle was flying down with her man for Easter. It was meant to be a surprise but Ken knew I would not keep still so Danielle rang me and told me. She was busting to tell me and now I have had a week full of excitement and organizing for when she gets here. Corey and I will pick her and Matty up at the airport in Brisbane on Thursday but first of all Corey and I are going to spend the day at the Brisbane Art Museum at Southbank. I am pretty excited and so is Corey. I cannot wait to just hold my girl and not let her go, have coffees together, beach if it is suitable weather, go shopping, out for dinner, movies inhouse and out, music and dancing at home through the house and no doubt she will clean out my wardrobe. ... which to be honest used to drive me up the wall but I sooo miss it. I miss sharing my clothes, shoes, bras and jewelery with my favorite girl in the whole wide world. So whatever you are doing for Easter... I hope you have a great break and eat way too much Chocolate!! Love to all you girls that mean lots to me.. Moonie girl xx

These photos were taken the day Danielle left me... well I call it ... Left me :-( or should I say left home.. This was one of the most hurtful saddest days of my life. I was happy for her by I died inside.

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  1. Enjoy every minute! I must just Bonsai mine so they cant grow up and leave me!!