Monday, April 11, 2011

One thing I am so blessed with in this life of mine is my childhood. From my Nana and Grandad on my Mum's side there is approximately 50 of us grand kids. That is including Mum and her 6 brothers and sisters, then all us grand kids, then the next Grand kids, which is my Danielle's generation and now the next generation. And the best thing ever is that we are all so close. Us Grand kids all grew up together and we all went to Nan and Grandad's farm every Sunday afternoon about 2 or 3pm to go and ride the horses, get on the back of Grandad's Landrover and go all over his farm, ride the motor bikes all over the farm , pick plums and apples of the very famous trees which fed us all for soo many years, and then of course all ended up scratching Grandad's feet which were harder than nails before the big family feast. Maria in the photo below is one of my awesome cousins. She is one year younger than me. We went our own ways about 22 years ago still in contact but been living in Sydney for the past 10 years. We try and catch up once a year. This time they come up here. They are awesome parents. They are traveling around Australia for 12 months doing home school with their 3 skid lids. They are sick of the Sydney life and their high demanding careers so they have been saving for 12 months to do this trip. They spent the day and night here last night on their way through to Fraser Island which is their next stop. We had the best time ever...!! One thing in life I will always be grateful for and never take for granted.. my Family!!

In this picture is my blista Tan, cousin Maria and her 3 skidlids Indiana, Toby and Jake. What awesome, fun gorgeous kids. And this wee fruitloop Indi rules those boys. She is the boss!! Soo funny to watch her.

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  1. Gorgeous family pics Lisa... and such lovely memories... I have wonderful memories with my grandparents too... they were special times...

    Have a happy week...
    Jenny x