Wednesday, April 27, 2011

So much rain

I cannot believe the amount of rain we are still getting here in Qld. I have always been one to absolutely love the rain.. spose because it reminds me of New Zealand but I also love it that it doesn't get freezing miserably cold like home, but cools down just enough to feel like a couch potato and maybe slow down for a day.. LOL.. yeah right. Well I do try. I love it when I am at home and it is pouring. Because of where we live, we can hear it roar through the trees beyond us and we just wait for it to hit our home. It is quite incredible. We are off in our caravan for 5 days and I dont mind if it rains. Will be nice if we get some fine days but I am planning on getting up to date with my OLW project with Ali Edwards. I am a fair bit behind so this will be a great time to catch up and take loads of inspiring photos. I would love to see your work if you are doing the course with Ali...
That's all for me tonight. Love to you all
Moons x


  1. beautiful photos Lisa, hope Ken is doing ok!

  2. Hi Lisa
    I caught up with the lovely Kim today and she mentioned that you were a Sunny Coast girl like me so, I thought Id stop by your blog and say 'Hi'.
    Im your newest follower and looking forward to visiting again.
    Your blog and your creations are beautiful.
    Shell x