Thursday, April 7, 2011

Michelle Bridges 12 Week Body Transformation

This is me.... I have registered and signed up for this which starts in June. I am ready and motivated and rearing to go. I bought a treadmill just 12 days ago and have given myself a 40 day challenge. That means I am to do a 30 min train on the treadmill every day for 40 days without fail. I have succeeded so far and have lost 2kg. So I am pretty keen.
I have a few friends who are doing this 12WBT atm and they have results like you wouldn't believe. Sarah Buck my friend is one of them. She has got outstanding results and is crying with tears when she stands on the scales once a week for her weigh in.
So off I go. I dislike gyms now. I think it is my time factor. I cannot seem to fit it in getting home from work and going back out to they gym after work. This way when I get home I can strip off and throw on my running shoes and off I go. Corey was funny when he first went on it and saw the calories he was burning.. he was saying.. wow Mummy.. Ive lost 3kilos.. now 6 kilos.. Man.,... wouldn't it be great if it were that fast and easy..
Michelle Bridges 12 Week Body Transformation.... so go here to check out Michelle and her crunch time!!

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