Sunday, April 24, 2011

My Happy Easter

Well I cannot believe this Easter. It is the first Easter I can remember for a while that we have had full on sunshine and have been able to spend time on the beach. Has been awesome to see so many people out on the beaches surfing, sunbaking and just all being together out in our great outdoors. I do love the rain but I must admit it has been three awesome sunshiny days here on the coast.
I have had my girl and her boyfriend here for the Easter break and I feel soo lucky and I have been on top of the world since she arrived. I am a pretty happy girl most of the time but I absolutely shine when I have my girl around me. I used to get peed off with her going into my drawers and wearing my clothes, shoes, nail polishes, jewelery, makeup but I cannot believe how much I have missed it. I miss having a girl around to share things with. Only us girls would understand. Dont think any man would quite get it. We have had a couple of great nights being mad together. She just soo totally rocks my boat. I am hoping she will move back down here but the chances are very slim at this stage I think. She is happy up north so as long as she is happy I am happy. So we are happy to make the most of our time together. I hope you have all had a great Easter and made the most of the time to eat lots and lots of chocolate. Me?? I have had full will power and not had one.
Love to you all
night night for now
Moonie x

The blonde, the redhead and the brunette xx


  1. Oh Lisa... sounds like the perfect Easter... so lovely to have your daughter with you... gorgeous pics...

    Jenny x

  2. Happy Easter sweets!! So glad you are having a lovely time with Danielle. What a super surprise to have her come down to you. Enjoy xx

  3. glad you had a lovely time Lisa!

  4. Oh how wonderful for the break you had sunshine and Danielle, and I can only imagine how wonderful it is to have her home. I honestly hope Nate lives at home with me until he is 40 lol.......I am excited to see you in June. This will be awesome, will you bring your boy, I know Nate would have a great friend if you did. I have had will power too and had a tiny little egg, time to lose some weight....Love to you all, enjoy the time with your dear family. Mel and Natexx