Saturday, June 12, 2010

Wow, I cant believe how the weather temp has dropped so much... but I am loving it. I am in my jarmies by 5 and all rugged up ready for the cold nights. Today I spent the whole day just spring cleaning the house, doing windows and lots of other bits and pieces as I had time for it. I love being home on the weekends and just hanging out here and going no where. I was peed off that I even had to get in the car and go and get the pool water tested. After I finished, I plonked myself in our media room with all the curtains open as the warm toasty sun was coming in. I played on my laptop listening to music DVD's which was the perfect Saturday afternoon for me. My husband has been away for nearly two weeks. We have just opened up another Camera House store in Rockhampton this week so he has been away setting up camp up there. Will be nice to have him home even though life at home with just Corey and I is bliss... but only for a short time.. Gotta have that complete family package. Love it and love life.. Hope you are all well and happy and rug up tight tonight. NOT HAPPY JAN about not being able to make it to the Brisbane Scrapping Expo. I could take Corey ... he would be happy for probably two hours pushing it as he loves to scrap too.. but I want to cruise along without any pressure for about 5 hours... so will have to give it a miss. So all of you out there who are going or went... have fun. I'm just thinking of the money I will be saving. Well that's I am thinking. See you all soon.. thanks for stopping by.
Moonie x

My favorite local cafe just 4 minutes of peddling on my pushbike from home. Life couldn't get much better.

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