Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Sad day today for us

4 months ago my Corey boy was complaining of a sore hip and leg. For about 2 weeks we thought it was growing pains.... until one morning he could no longer walk!! He was in screaming pain whenever moving... could not even sit himself on the toilet, get into the car to go to the Doctor. After a few days of immediate investigation and the diagnosis being dropped down from acute arthritis, we were told from the Orthopedic Surgeon that he had Irritable hip syndrome AKA toxic Synovitis. We dealt with it over a period of about 6 weeks. He got better in time after spending some short time on crutches. He has been great since then but he woke up this morning yelling out that he could not move. Daddy was out swimming and I went to his aid and he was soo upset. So we had the day off today seeing his Doctor and having the blood tests done. Will wait til Monday for results and if he is still as bad, we will go and have the ultra sound. This will just confirm there is fluid on his hip like last time. Not much they can do except we have to let him take it easy and keep the Neurofen topped up. The sad this is that he has been so excited for the past 4 weeks about going to Under Water World with his class of 24. This is on tomorrow... Thursday... So I will be going with him and I will be picking up a wheel chair for him that the kind Doctor has supplied for us. This is Corey when we got home from the appointments. Poor wee soul... I love this boy to the end of the world and back. Thanks for letting me share this with you all Moons x


  1. Awww the poor little fella, that really sucks :(

  2. Oh Lisa so sorry to hear your little boy is suffering. He's lucky to have you for his Mum. Hope he's feeling better soon. Love Ness xx