Saturday, March 13, 2010

He's here!

Well I thought I would drop a line and a couple of pics. Ted is here now and he has his bed, towel, teddy bear, lead and a plastic bag of treats. Awwww!! He is too cute. We have just taken him for a nice long walk along the water next to where we live. He had a great time. He told me so.... True.. He did.. really.. he went Woof Woof...!
See ya's
Moons x


  1. What a cutie!! Love the pic behind you in that first it one of yours???

  2. yeppie Sarah I paint on canvas as well which I do love too. Ted is the dream pooch for sure.. Not one bark since he has been here and sitting at our feet while scrapping x

  3. Oh Ted is just delectable, I just want to cuddle him, he has the most adorable face, I am such a dog person, he will bring so much love into all your lives and not to mention many layouts I am sure. Love to you all, Melxx

  4. Hey are you? Ted is just adorable...he looks so cuddly...gorgeous. Your canvas looks awesome on your it so much...xx
    I had a great weekend too thanks, glad you did as well.....
    Talk soon xxx
    P.S Love your layouts down further a wonder your on the DT.......xx